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Equity outflow by foreign investors narrows to RM18.8 mil

All eyes will be on corporate earnings this week, says Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd chief economist Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid.

RM138 mil in foreign funds inflow in holiday-shortened week

An economist says this is 'quite impressive' despite external uncertainties.

Foreign investors buy RM1 billion Malaysian equities in Jan 2019

There could be a positive change if economic fundamentals improved and policy risks dissipate, says one analyst.

Abu Dhabi’s FAB rises as it seeks to lure more foreign...

The shares climbed as much as 5.8% in Abu Dhabi before paring gains to 1.8%.

Commercial segment: Klang Valley in oversupply

Where businesses are concerned, some oversupply of office space is much more preferable than having a shortage.

Bangladesh says foreign election observers welcome, rejects US criticism

Bangladesh's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says ANFREL cancelled its observation mission itself while the approval process was underway.

China mulls new foreign investment law

The new "unified law" will replace three existing laws on Chinese and foreign equity joint ventures, non-equity joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises.

EU set to tighten rules on foreign investment to fend off...

Concerns are mounting across the western world about national-security risks tied to foreign investment, particularly by China.

Not so easy to enforce, collect digital tax, says expert

The executive director of Deloitte Malaysia says there needs to be clarity on how the government intends to collect the proposed digital tax from 2020.

MTUC: Raise wages to attract local workers first, then go into...

Its secretary-general J Solomon says the government must carefully study the plan to automate the manufacturing and agricultural sectors as the social costs are high.

Argentine clubs to vote on allowing outside investment

The proposed rule change would allow both local and foreign investors to sink money into clubs.

Indonesia sees market stress as good thing for reforms

The government will soon outline measures to open up the economy to more foreign investment.

BNM international reserves at US$103 bil as of Sept 28

The reserves are sufficient to finance 7.4 months of retained imports and is 0.9 times the short-term external debt.

British PM May to unveil new levy on foreign home buyers

May says she dedicated her premiership to restoring the British Dream and that means fixing Britain's broken housing market.

Indonesia wants foreigners to own less bonds in long run

The Finance Ministry is seeking to bring down the amount of government bonds owned by offshore funds to 20% from almost 38%.

New policy on recruitment of foreign workers to be announced Tuesday

Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran says policy will ensure recruitment of foreign workers is done in line with market demands.

Ex-migrant worker details ‘hell on earth’ after immigration crackdown

Calling it a norm now in Malaysia, Indian national and MBA holder says he never expected to do hard labour here.

Foreigners bought Asian equities in July for first time in 6...

The large part of buying took place in the latter part of the month, when prospects of a trade war between the United States and Europe receded.

China says trade war has become biggest ‘confidence killer’ for world...

The foreign ministry spokeswoman told reporters that the United States is fabricating all kinds of justifications.

Stop and think, govt warned of vicious cycle in crackdown against...

Tenaganita says the never ending raids on undocumented foreign workers are bordering on lunacy as authorities expect different results with the same actions.

Foreign funds keep pouring into China despite the Yuan’s jitters

June saw the yuan’s biggest monthly drop against the dollar since 1994, yet overseas investors poured the most into China’s domestic bonds in almost two years.

For whom do we build the Malaysian economy?

Right now, there is no motivation and incentive for employers to do anything about reducing dependency on foreign workers.

Kula on local cooks ruling: It was just a suggestion

Human resources minister says it is an attempt to reduce the dependence on foreign workers.

‘Local cooks’ ruling leaves sour taste among restaurant owners

Malaysians won't work for low salaries and customers won't pay more for their food, say restaurant owners, calling for quotas or time to train locals.