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Domestic demand for sustainable timber expected to rise, but more needed,...

The Malaysian Timber Certification Council says organisations which do not export to European countries will probably not apply for certification.

Frontline fight: Indonesia locked in epic battle against jungle blazes

Thousands of personnel and water-bombing helicopters are only keeping the flames at bay.

Siberia forest fires spark potential ‘disaster’ for Arctic

Greenpeace say almost 12 million hectares were burnt this year, causing significant CO2 emissions.

Green groups march to Parliament demanding stronger forestry laws

They want specific clauses included in the constitution to protect the environment and prevent exploitation.

Kedah seeks compensation after stopping logging in Ulu Muda forest

Kedah has written to the federal government on this.

RM60 mil for environment protection good but give us details, say...

Environmentalists want to know how the additional federal allocation will be used and whether states will stop relying on logging for income.

Kok happy with efforts by Sabah oil palm planters to conserve...

She says many are unaware of these conservation efforts, which include preserving wildlife.

Malaysia plans to halt palm oil expansion to dispel bad image,...

The primary industries minister says the country will cap the area at around six million hectares.

Teresa Kok unhappy with forest clearing near Mulu Caves, contacts Sarawak...

The primary industry minister hopes the Sarawak government will take appropriate measures to tackle the clearing of forests to open up an oil-palm plantation.

Property market to decline, then recover in 2019

It's good news for those ready with a downpayment but bad news for owners of properties in locations where there’s an oversupply.

Sabah Umno flays state govt for considering opening up Maliau Basin

Sabah Umno liaison committee chairman Hajiji Mohd Noor says state government’s willingness to revisit the idea of using coal as a source of energy is outrageous.

Public land belongs to the people, don’t sell it

The Pakatan Harapan government should not sell our national assets, especially public lands, but should rather reclaim public assets that have been privatised and reforest and re-gazette all forests that have been degazetted and privatised.

Philippines lifts 2-year ban on mining exploration

It is the second mining policy measure to be amended, but environment officials said a ban on new mining operations is still in place, suggesting the impact of the new order will be limited.

Palm oil from Indonesia’s shrinking forests taints global brands

Palm oil sourced from illegally cleared rainforest areas in Indonesia has flowed through traders to major consumer goods brands.

Scientists: Earth’s intact forests vanishing at accelerating pace

Despite a decades-long effort to halt deforestation, nearly 10% of undisturbed forests have been fragmented, degraded or simply chopped down since 2000, according to the analysis of satellite imagery.

Beetles face extinction due to loss of old trees

Nearly a fifth of Europe's wood beetle species face extinction because the old, decaying trees they depend on have been cleared from forests, scientists warned Monday.

Wong Tack on wrong track by siding with Dr Mahathir

Suaram adviser says environmental activist could do better than praise the former PM, who he says had an environmentally-unfriendly record when in office.

Orangutan population in Sabah stable over 20 years, say NGOs

They laud Sabah government's move to preserve 30% jungle cover and ensure forest corridors for orangutans to freely move around.

Indonesia may join Malaysia to fight EU in palm oil war

Both countries account for 82% of world's palm oil production.

Stop logging for a year or two, suggests Shahidan

He asks all states to emulate Sarawak, under Adenan Satem, which banned logging activities 100% to revive damaged forests.

Penang forest reserves intact, says Forestry Dept

Penang Government says news report on encroachment was erroneous as whatever development taking place was outside two forest reserves.

USM team to help list Penang Hill as Unesco reserve

The 500ha hill range is a perfect candidate for the Unesco Biosphere Reserve status, owing to its unique flora and fauna, says Prof Dr Siti Azizah Mohd Nor.

Action against company who cut road in forest reserve

Forestry Department also impounds machinery used by company who had a permit to conduct study of minerals.

Conservation not a priority for M’sians

Experts say Malaysians are mostly unaware of the importance of the country's rainforests.