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Who’s betting against the pound? FX markets enter UK political fray

Some currency traders are 'gambling on the country's failure'.

China to boost mid to long-term asset allocation in FX reserves

China expects its international balance of payments and current account to remain balanced this year,

Zahid pulang sebab Umno belum mantap, kata Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim berkata keputusan Zahid bermakna serah tugas pada Mohamad Hasan tidak mendapat dokongan.

Anwar leaves it to govt to decide on RCI findings on...

The PKR president says a transparent investigation needs to be conducted into the losses suffered by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Majlis seni bukan tempat ulas isu forex, kata Kit Siang

Veteran DAP tersenyum dan menggelengkan kepalanya apabila diajukan soalan oleh pemberita,.

Najib raps Kit Siang for silence over RCI findings on forex...

The former prime minister points out that the DAP supremo even wrote a book on the BNM forex losses in the 1990s.

Kerajaan perlu laksana cadangan RCI forex, kata Ku Li

Veteran Umno itu berkata, apa saja cadangan RCI perlu dipertimbang dan dilaksanakan kerajaan.

Traders may beat central bank to rescue of beleaguered Korea won

While the Bank of Korea has little scope to hike interest rates to defend the won at its meeting this week, investors trading on technical levels in the foreign-exchange market may help arrest the currency’s decline.

Trade war’s grip on forex markets tightens in policy threat

While a falling currency could boost exports, central banks are signaling their goal now is to stem investor flight.

Ringgit slips further against US dollar

The ringgit is expected to remain weak although further downside risks could be limited as the currency is already at an oversold position.

Ringgit to trend lower as risks mount, says research house

MIDF research sites Norway's sovereign wealth fund's decision to reduce exposure to emerging markets, and the possible downgrade of the Malaysian bond market by FTSE Russell.

Why’s everyone worried about Turkey’s foreign reserves?

Turkey’s central bank began last month borrowing excess foreign currency from commercial lenders through FX swap auctions, lending the banks liras in return.

Ringgit staggers after index-fund double punch

Foreign investors have been reducing their Malaysian government bond positions since late 2016 and held about US$37 billion of the securities as of March.

Fed minutes cap dollar, pound steady after Brexit extension

The US dollar lacked momentum, with its index against six other currencies hovering near a two-week low.

Ringgit opens lower against greenback

The local unit trades at 4.0900/0950 against the greenback from Friday’s close of 4.0870/0900.

Ringgit slightly higher against US dollar

The local unit trades at 4.0800/0850 against the greenback from 4.0810/0840 at yesterday's close.

Ringgit flat against US dollar in early session

The local unit trades at 4.0770/0820 against the greenback from 4.0770/0810 at yesterday's close.

Higher oil price lifts ringgit in early trade

The local unit trades at 4.0800/0830 against the greenback from 4.0830/0870 at yesterday's close.

Ringgit falls against greenback amid higher Treasury yield

The local unit trades at 4.0820/0870 against the US dollar from 4.0790/0820 on Monday's closing.

Ringgit higher against greenback in early session

The local unit trades at 4.0750/0800 against the US dollar from 4.0800/0850 last Friday.

Ringgit slightly lower at opening

The local unit trades at 4.0770/0820 against the greenback from 4.0760/0800 recorded yesterday.

Ringgit opens slightly lower

The local currency trades at 4.0750/0830 compared with yesterday’s close of 4.0700/0750.

Pound rebounds on Brexit deal hopes

The euro fell as low as 85.25 pence on hopes of an orderly departure from the European Union on April 12.

Ringgit higher in early trade

The local currency trades at 4.0640/0680 compared with yesterday’s close of 4.0670/0700.