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‘Fake news people’ scuttled Rome Statute ratification, says AG

Tommy Thomas says the decision to accede to the Rome Statute was made by the previous government in 2011, and the very same people who had supported it then are against it now.

Debate your stand on Rome Statute at forum, 4 academics urged

The Malaysian Academic Movement says the academics who advised the Malay rulers have not countered their critics.

Student activist invites TMJ to forum on Rome Statute

Asheeq Ali wants to clear any confusion over the international treaty.

Lessons from Europe: Transparency key to regulating political funding

Diplomats and a political foundation representative show what their countries’ political funding systems offer Malaysia.

Make Freedom of Information Act a priority, think tank tells govt

IDEAS says several proposed initiatives in the government’s National Anti-Corruption Plan may not be feasible unless information is made readily available.

Plastic in crosshairs at UN forum

The UN wants individual countries to sign up to "significantly" reduce plastic production, including a phasing out of single-use plastics by 2030

Forum on jobs for youths in Sarawak on Saturday

It will also discuss challenges faced by job-seekers.

Dr M kongsi nasihat, petua pembangunan dengan negara Afrika

Perdana menteri akan menghadiri Persidangan Antarabangsa ke-3 Mengenai Kemunculan Afrika pada 17-19 Januari ini.

Protect your rights against ICERD or lose your rights, warns Shahrir

Umno leader throws his support behind mega protest against ICERD planned for Dec 8 in KL.

Understanding the emotions of a breast cancer patient

Rather than clam-up, talk to family and friends and express your feelings of fear, or sadness even shock or hope.

Time to talk about earthly things too

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang seems to like talking about spirituality and religion, but Malaysians also have material needs like food and a roof over their heads.

Mahathir says ‘no’ to joining Hadi at forum in PD

The prime minister says he is going to the parliamentary constituency to campaign for Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr M tolak hasrat Hadi berkongsi pentas

Perdana menteri tidak dapat melayan permintaan presiden PAS kerana dia mahu berkempen untuk Anwar.

Govt wants media council to be set up soon, says Kadir...

He says the government will not be involved in the process and has left it to media practitioners to jointly discuss the matter.

Public taken for ride on road to ‘ugly Penang’, says activist

Meenakshi Raman urges the state government to reveal details in layman's terms.

‘Madu saya anugerah Allah,’ kata isteri pertama

Sumayyah berkata poligami tidak hanya membawa kebaikan kepada suami, tetapi juga membawa keuntungan dan kebaikan kepada para isteri.

We’re in a polygamous marriage and it’s wonderful, 4 women tell...

The four working women, who look upon it as a religious obligation, say they have more time to pursue their careers or hobbies.

Polis Thailand halang forum jenayah perang terhadap Rohingya

Forum itu memberi perhatian terhadap beberapa jeneral tertinggi Myanmar yang didakwa melakukan genosid dan jenayah perang di utara negeri Rakhine, Kachin dan Shan.

Enough of blaming BN, move on and do your best, former...

Nancy Shukri says the PH government needs to stop blaming the previous government for past mistakes and show that it can come up with great plans and perform for the good of the people.

Tiada pilihan selain tunai janji, wakil DAP ingatkan PH

Ong Kian Ming berkata rakyat Malaysia perlu ingatkan kerajaan PH tentang manifesto yang dibuat.

It’s tough for women in politics and here’s why, says Maria

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah says women often miss out on key decision-making in the political setting as they have added responsibilities at home.

Removal of activists’ portraits distracts from bigger issues, says Josiah

The women’s rights activist praises Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusof Rawa as a good and sensible person, noting he has made some strong statements on non-discrimination.

Lawyer Fadiah sues Utusan over ‘twisted’ report

The activist says she has received death threats after the Malay daily distorted what she said.

Forum mengenai Darurat Malaya panas

Perbincangan panel diganggu tetapi moderator majlis berjaya menenangkan keadaan, dan seorang yang terlibat meminta maaf.