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Tag: Francisco Franco

Fugitive ex-leader of ETA detained in France

Josu Ternera has taken steps towards negotiating a peace deal between ETA and Spain and also taking part in negotiations with Spain's Socialist government.

Spain set for verdict in first ‘stolen babies’ trial

The baby-stealing practice began after Franco came to power following the 1936-39 civil war.

Unscheduled departure: China’s legal reach extends to Hong Kong rail station

Hong Kong was handed back from British to Chinese rule in 1997 with constitutional guarantees it would continue to enjoy rights and freedoms not granted in mainland China, including an independent legal system.

Spain’s government to remove Franco’s remains from mausoleum

After the removal of Francisco Franco's remains, the Spanish government intends to turn the Valle de los Caidos mausoleum into a Spanish Civil War memorial.

In Spain, work starts to exhume bodies from Franco-era monument

The bodies of soldiers killed in the Spanish Civil War will be exhumed from the Valle de los Caidos.