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Tag: free press

Putrajaya no longer tells editors what to do, says PM’s media...

A Kadir Jasin says the government wants the media to be self-regulating through the establishment of a media council.

US newspapers hit back at Trump, defend free press

Free press advocates argue that Trump's efforts threaten the role of the news media as a check against abuse of power in government.

We don’t wish to close TV3, says Kit Siang

DAP supremo says a DAP MP's remark on having TV3 licence revoked was made simply out of frustration, and that it is not PH​ ​policy to shutdown any media organisation.

Democracy against kleptocracy

Malaysians have achieved a great victory in voting for what is hoped will be a better, more just and corruption-free government to safeguard the people's well-being and security.

Lawyer: Set up commission to review, abolish restrictive laws

Syahredzan Johan says laws should empower and facilitate freedom.

The weakening of democracy under Najib’s rule

Writer says although Najib Razak reformed many archaic laws, there have been no major changes or follow-up action.

Zaid defends his essay competition about Najib

Former law minister says PM's 'wanton disregard for truth' is among the leader's many failures.

Sunday Star editor questioned about Zaid article

Esther Ng interviewed for about 45 minutes at the Dang Wangi police station.