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Tag: free speech

Jew jibe just my opinion, says Dr M

The prime minister accuses Europe of double standards.

Myanmar doctor-turned-model hits back at ban

Nang Mwe San argues that there are no specific restrictions on dress code in medical ethics.

YouTube CEO apologises to LGBTQ community, but defends policy

The video giant last week suspended the ability of Crowder’s channel to make money from advertising.

Mustafa Akyol puts banned book online for free

The Turkish academic says free download of the Malay edition will allow Malaysians to make up their own minds.

Still trying to find who’s behind online insults of Agong

Inspector-General says account owner of the Facebook postings is not known, but says it's possible they might be foreigners.

Gobind: Police must explain lack of action on Internet offences

Communications minister says 'if there are laws, we must be ready to use them' and the public kept informed.

‘The people’s messengers’: Myanmar’s satirical poets target censorship

Thangyat was founded in order to serve as the people’s messengers to the government.

Singapore minister puts Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande on ‘offensive’ playlist

The statement came nearly a month after Swedish black metal group Watain's concert was banned in Singapore.

Putrajaya disagrees with arrest of man for insulting PM

De facto law minister says government leaders must be ready to accept criticism, but says it should be done with decorum.

Inciting religious hatred is not freedom of speech, says Guan Eng

He says speeches should be based on fact, not slander.

Don’t be a crybaby, just uphold free speech, government told

Activists take the Pakatan Harapan administration to task for its reaction to criticism.

Don’t prevent intellectual discourse, Maszlee warns varsities

Education minister reminds public universities to open up space for intellectual discourse after activist Hishamuddin Rais is barred from speaking at UKM last night.

Bangladesh to consider amending law seen curbing free speech

The South Asian nation's parliament passed the Digital Security Act on Sept 19, combining the colonial-era Official Secrets Act with tough new provisions.

CMA will be amended, assures Gobind

The communications and multimedia minister says some sections of the act are seen as 'very broad' and must be tightened.

China warns Hong Kong journalists’ club after activist speech

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong, of abusing the former British colony’s right to free speech by giving the activist a platform.

Pro-China groups rally outside HK press club ahead of activist’s speech

Democracy advocates have bristled against China's attempts to tighten control over the city and to limit its freedoms and democratic reforms.

Assemble, yes, but no punching, Penang CM tells demonstrators

Chow Kon Yeow says people are free to hold demonstrations on the issue of Deputy Chief Minister II Prof P Ramasamy but they must also respect the right of the other party to speak.

Fadiah Nadwa: Act now to protect free speech

Activist facing sedition action says she feels betrayed by Anwar, and reminds Pakatan Harapan that the people need to know they have a right to be critical even of matters considered "taboo".

Keeping free speech separate from internet regulation

Human rights campaigner calls for breaking up communications act to keep industry regulation apart from cybercrime, security and freedom of expression.

Suspend unjust laws until repeal, says Global Bersih

Reform group demands immediate action and calls for action to be taken as soon as Parliament is called into session.

Pakatan must scrap Sedition Act as promised

Before victory at the polls, PH promised not to target people who express their views peacefully, but clearly, the coalition has gone back on its promise.

Police record Kadir Jasin’s statement in sedition probe

The former editor is under investigation following 30 complaints in response to an article about the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

PAS: Take early action on criticisms against royalty

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man agrees with the need for press freedom, but says it cannot be absolute.

Suhakam questions sedition probe on Kadir, Hishamuddin

The commission’s chairman Razali Ismail reminds the police that the Pakatan Harapan government has promised to abolish oppressive laws like the Sedition Act.