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Tag: freedom of speech

Teresa’s rage and a lesson on free speech

Malaysia is currently in damage control mode and must unite in efforts to remedy the situation until an equitable balance is achieved between forest conservation and economic income.

Police raids on Aussie media fuel calls for journalist protections

'My government is absolutely committed to freedom of the press,' says Prime Minister Scott Morrison to reporters on Thursday.

Work with us for positive changes, Dr M urges Facebook

The prime minister wants the social media giant and other platform providers to continue collaborating with the government as well as law enforcement agencies.

Singapore PM says ‘fake news’ law not against free speech

The law has sparked outrage from rights groups, who fear they could be used to stifle online discussion.

Germany warns on travel to Turkey after journalists barred entry

The German government has criticised the 'arbitrary' arrests of German citizens in the past two years.

Sarawak PAS warns against double standards in arrest over criticism of...

Sarawak PAS commissioner Jofri Jaraiee refers to earlier statements by a DAP member which he said had insulted Abdul Hadi Awang.

PH reminded of free speech after PAS man’s arrest over remarks...

Azmi Shahrom reminds DAP of its commitment to freedom of expression, although lawyer Syahredzan Johan says the PAS member appeared to have gone 'beyond legitimate criticism'.

Academic tells the difference between free speech and hate speech

'You have the right to be racist but no right to say things which may cause harm to others,' says Universiti Malaya law professor Azmin Sharom.

UUM denies leaked circular a gag order on staff

The university says it is merely a reminder while Education Minister Maszlee Malik hopes that it will not restrict the freedom of speech of academics and students.

Whose freedom of speech, Mahathir?

The prime minister speaks as if he's addressing an audience stuck in Malaysia's past.

Government’s right to sue: Just don’t, lawyers group tells PH

Lawyers for Liberty says Pakatan Harapan must take a clear stand against suing those who criticise either the federal government or state governments under the coalition.

Govt’s right to sue makes free speech meaningless, says deputy minister

Deputy law minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin says the people have the right to comment on their government, even if their comments appear defamatory.

Repeal PPPA first, then talk about media council, Putrajaya told

The Centre for Independent Journalism says it will be difficult for journalists to behave ethically as long as the Printing Presses and Publications Act is still in force.

Court rules governments can sue individuals for defamation

Justice Ahmad Maarop says the right of the government to sue in civil proceedings, including for defamation, is not subject to the common law of England.

Lawyer Fadiah called in for police questioning again

This follows a police report lodged against her by a member of Gerakan Muslimah Islam Malaysia who claimed she was twisting the history of communism in the country.

Another sedition charge dropped

This time, it's over 'seditious' remarks made by Tamrin Ghafar, the son of the late Ghafar Baba.

Colorado baker back in court for turning away trans woman

Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in the suburbs of Denver, filed a lawsuit against the state claiming his rights to freedom of speech and religion are being violated.

Public discussion not prejudicial to Najib, says Syahredzan

The political secretary to Lim Kit Siang says this is because the country does not practise the jury system.

Lawyers: Speaker wrong to stop debate on Najib’s court case

The speaker’s ruling restricts MPs right to free speech and a media gag order on the ex-prime minister's case cannot be extended to the legislature, they argue.

Hong Kong radical test case in China’s bid to limit speech

China and the Hong Kong government are shrinking the political space for freedom of expression,” said Chris Ng of the Progressive Lawyers’ Group.

Hands off Fadiah, please

The PH government must not backtrack on its promise to abolish the Sedition Act but must uphold freedom of expression as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Tell us when Sedition Act will be abolished, says Suaram

Fadia Nadwa Fikir's case should be the last to be investigated, says PSM's Arutchelvan, while MP Ramkarpal Singh urges the government to take action in the first sitting of the Dewan Rakyat.

Maszlee: Public universities free to organise debates, forums

The education minister says this directive will come in effect immediately.

UN slams ‘chronic’ arbitrary detention in Egypt

The UN expressed its concern over the arrests, interrogations, and detentions of activists, bloggers, and journalists in Egypt.