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Tag: freedom

People have more democratic space now after GE14, says AG

Tommy Thomas says this freedom is being enjoyed by individuals and critics of the government.

Leaders must empathise with the sufferings of ordinary people, says PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad laments that one aspect of leadership that is sometimes overlooked is the ability to feel for the ordinary folk.

Mahathir’s X and the storm in a tea cup

The open criticism of the appointment of Latheefa Koya as MACC head is proof that Ahmad, Ah Chong and Appu are no longer afraid of the PM – not even if that person is Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

30 years after Tiananmen, protesters’ goals further away than ever

Democracy cannot survive if China is the global power, says a Tiananmen activist.

Moroccan teachers stage new demo over benefits

Teachers on temporary contracts have been on strike since March 3 demanding permanent employment arrangements that would improve their rights and benefits, especially over retirement.

Deepavali lights of joy, clarity and clean politics

Deepavali tells us to bring clarity to our thinking so that we will be able to see everyone, whatever their race or religion as human beings who have the same needs, who bleed if cut, and who share the same Earth.

Govt wants media council to be set up soon, says Kadir...

He says the government will not be involved in the process and has left it to media practitioners to jointly discuss the matter.

Zaid to challenge apex court ruling on govt’s right to sue

The former law minister says the decision yesterday will effectively silence dissent.

Exiled Singapore activist meets Dr Mahathir

Former student leader Tan Wah Piow says the May 9 elections offer a hope for better democracy in the region.

Think tank: Youths happy with newfound freedom, but yearn for jobs

Iman Research finds that youths did not take the PH’s pledge to resolve certain issues within 100 days seriously but are hoping that it will fulfil these promises, especially the creation of job opportunities.

Taiwan leader makes rare US speech

China views Taiwan as part of its own territory, to be reunified by force if necessary, and is always swift to condemn any move interpreted as de facto diplomatic recognition of the government in Taipei.

Perak sultan: Every citizen must participate in strengthening rule of law

Voters must understand that their responsibility to democracy and the rule of law does not end at the ballot box, says Sultan Nazrin Shah.

Let’s rekindle the torch of freedom at Dataran Merdeka

A Speaker’s Corner should be set up at Dataran Merdeka and people must be allowed to freely assemble there to voice their grouses peacefully so that Dataran Merdeka becomes more than a mere tourist attraction.

Court refuses Najib’s bid to muzzle discussion of case

The former prime minister's lawyer says he will file a notice of appeal on Monday.

At centre of sedition probe, Fadiah gets support from rights activists

A police probe into the lawyer could be signs of a slippery slope, Pakatan Harapan told.

Playing cops and robbers with Dr Mahathir 2.0

Mahathir’s popularity is increasing by the minute, with even children wanting to become like him, but he has much to do – including putting in place safeguards against authoritarianism - if he wishes to leave a respected legacy

Why it’s dangerous for BN to disband

The coalition's very existence is in question following its disastrous showing in the general election, but there are good reasons why an active and alert BN is needed even more now.

Academic body: Remove deadwood, political appointees from varsities

This is one of 10 proposals Gerak has made to the new education minister, including one to replace ‘kulitocracy’ with meritocracy.

An assurance to FMT readers post-GE14

Nothing has changed as far as the 'mainstream' media's understanding of journalism is concerned.

Authors hope new govt lifts ban on books with differing views...

Tens of thousands of titles related to Islam have been banned over the past decades, and Muslim scholars and activists are hoping to put an end to the practice.

Malaysian state-linked media left scrambling after polls upset

They have wasted no time in switching their support to the new government.

Bersih tells media: Start new chapter, no more one-sided stories

The NGO says the media must give equal coverage to all political parties, not just the ruling government, unlike the practice under Barisan Nasional.

Remove all politically appointed varsity heads, NGO tells Maszlee

The Malaysian Academic Movement urges new education minister to undertake crucial reforms to improve academic environment, including abolishing the National Council of Professors.

Anwar pardoned, meets Agong

The Pakatan Harapan de facto leader can now join active politics.