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Tag: freedom

Banned from speaking in Malaysia, Akyol welcomes PH victory

The prominent Turkish author says the new Mahathir administration must now restore Malaysia's image as a modern and progressive Muslim nation.

Out with the old, in with the new

Malaysia is still light years away when it comes to riding the wave of creativity, so laws and practices and norms that stand in the way should be removed.

Remove laws that restrict press freedom and free speech, says ex-judge

Putrajaya must also look into revamping the justice system and workings of the Election Commission, says Gopal Sri Ram

Angolans laugh a little louder as iron grip loosens

João Lourenço's administration has offered Angolans more general freedom than that of his predecessor José Eduardo dos Santos.

Hong Kong civic coalition warns UN on eroding freedoms

The coalition cited increasing self-censorship, declining press freedom, and the disqualification of election candidates as important issues to be tackled in Hong Kong.

Report: Anti-fake news laws becoming trend in Asean

The Diplomat says several Asean nations are taking similar action as Malaysia, which has passed an anti-fake news law, and that these laws are aimed at preventing criticism of the government.

Legal jargon baffling women in rural areas, says rights group

Empower says access and the right to information is crucial in the struggle for women's rights.

Fake news law is a fake law, says Surendran

The Padang Serai MP says the Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 is arbitrary, oppressive and unconstitutional, akin to laws found in one-party countries like North Korea and China.

Singapore passes law which can bar pictures of terror attack sites

Singapore passed a law on Wednesday making it possible to ban photographs or videos of terror attack sites or communicating information about security operations amid criticism from rights groups that the move could curb press freedoms.

Youths see little value in office rules

Several youths tell FMT that more freedom from stifling office rules would mean better quality of work and greater productivity.

Putrajaya to review Printing Presses and Publications Act

DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says home ministry wants to ensure the media is not restricted by guidelines.

Salleh: Govt not restricting freedom of speech

The communications and multimedia minister says there is a marked difference between freedom of speech and respecting the country’s laws.

Bilqis appeal: There are real crimes for govt to go after,...

Lawyers for Liberty’s Eric Paulsen says this is a waste of resources and does not serve public interest.

Exco man on how Penang can do things its way despite...

Chow Kon Yeow says the state government has applied for and received approval for exemptions on national waste management laws, and can now do things its own way.

Rafizi dismisses fear youths will not vote in GE14

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli says surveys have shown that the people will come out to vote for Pakatan Harapan despite feeling disgruntled, disillusioned.

Scholar: Freedom inseparable from Islam, Quran

US scholar questions Muslims and non-Muslims who regard Islam and freedom as oxymorons.

Opposition using news portals to spread lies, says Umno Youth leader

Razlan Rafii cites the allegation that 40,000 Bangladeshis were roped in to help BN in the last general election as an example.

Stop demonising those who disagree with you, LFL tells govt

Eric Paulsen says a climate of intolerance and hate is already apparent.

‘Freedom of religion includes freedom to opt out of religion’

Lawyer Art Harun says the provision for freedom of religion is not a requirement for Malaysians to profess a religion.

IRF: Increased centralisation has curbed religious freedom

Islamic think tank says with agencies such as Jakim in place, role of states has diminished, as federal authority institutionalises religious matters.

Rohingya in Malaysia funding Myanmar insurgent group, says source

The insurgent group, Arsa, communicates its needs to Rohingya in Malaysia on a WhatsApp channel and they send money to buy weapons with which to fight the Myanmar security forces, says a well-placed source.

‘Restricting foreign Islamic experts stunts intellectual development’

Law professor says decision by US Islamic expert not to come to Malaysia shows this country is being ruled by those who do not appreciate intellectual development.

Why Prophet Muhammad is my liberal role model

Writer says that we need to change the preconceived notion of the word liberal.

War and the prize: How some Nobel laureates turn away from...

A number of winners of the peace prize have gone on to launch wars or escalate them.