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Tag: freedom

Nation must be set on the right trajectory

Writer calls for all leaders to guide the nation onto the right trajectory to remain progressive, modern, moderate and inclusive.

Turkish author puzzled by Jawi’s action, hopes to return

Mustafa Akyol says the cancellation of his programme yesterday confirms his conviction that Muslim societies need more freedom.

You won’t be in power forever, says author

US-based Turkish writer and author Mustafa Akyol says authoritarian systems will end up hurting those who put them in place.

IDEAS founder on good elites and bad elites

The Negeri Sembilan prince says what matters is that a leader cares about democracy.

Exiled activist in Sweden yearns for freedom in Malaysia

Ali Abdul Jalil says 60 years after Malaysia’s independence the government needs to change as its reputation has been tarnished by alleged corruption and abuse of power.

The struggle for Merdeka continues

Malaysians must continue the fight against oppression and injustice in the country.

Banned author sees himself as war casualty

Faisal Tehrani says religious authorities have undermined Islam's reputation as a religion that can withstand criticism.

Speaker has authority to bar media from lobby, says MP

Ban is not to curtail press freedom because other areas may be designated for those reporting from Parliament, says Lenggong MP.

Unite and defend common values in 2017, says LGE

DAP leader Lim Guan Eng says the celebration of Malaysian unity and shared values will help nation address economic challenges and other problems.

Stop persecuting Zunar, Suaram tells Putrajaya

The cartoonist already faces nine charges under the Sedition Act 1948, it says.

Shabery to Dr M: Look at yourself before preaching on freedom

Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek says Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well as his new party are nothing more than DAP's puppets.

Kadir: We are headed to a dangerous place

Veteran newsman also laments increased government control over freedom of press and expression.

Caught between Adele and Obama in a mamak shop

With one pakcik insisting on listening to Adele loudly and another to Obama's speech, Fa is left wondering if it is right to enjoy one's freedom at the expense of another's.

Sarawak trio fail in bid to renounce Islam

The trio's lawyer, PKR's Baru Bian, said the three-member bench, led by Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat, cited the Federal Court's decision in the Lina Joy case.

Group in Australia slams arrest of journalists

Detention, seizure of travel documents and contemplation of criminal charges shows government trying to create fear among pressmen, says Malaysian Progressives in Australia.

Media needs to be controlled, says Zam

Former information minister agrees with MCMC's decision to block The Malaysian Insider.

Wisma Putra defends ban on ‘The Malaysian Insider’

Foreign Affairs Ministry tells the United States that freedom of speech and the right to information must be exercised with responsibility and accountability.