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Google won’t pay French media firms to display content

Without compensation, only headline and link will appear in search results.

France opens criminal probe into death of Nora

The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation for kidnapping.

Tintin in Tokyo: A much loved hero

Tintin’s popularity here may be due to Japan’s strong comic book culture (manga) and their shared love of travelling to exotic countries.

Indonesian court sentences French drug smuggler to death

An Indonesian court has sentenced Felix Dorfin to death for drug smuggling, in a surprise verdict after prosecutors asked for a 20-year jail term.

Luc Besson’s film studio gets six-month reprieve as losses mount

The studio has sought a so-called 'safeguard procedure' in order to 'negotiate the terms for restoring its financial health'.

Row as France remembers troops slain in hostage raid

French special forces who died in the operation in Burkina Faso, will be honoured in a ceremony at the Invalides military complex in Paris led by President.

Indonesia recaptures French drug suspect after jailbreak

Felix Dorfin was found hiding in a forest in North Lombok on Friday night and was returned to jail in Mataram, capital of the island.

W Kuala Lumpur gets witty and wicked

Kuala Lumpur’s arguably hippest hotel has something up its sleeve for everyone – art lovers and party lovers as well.

French skier killed in Japan avalanche

Marc-Olivier Gariou-Pouillas, 49, has died skiing off-piste on Mt Ogenashi in Myoko City.

15 suspected jihadists killed in joint French-Niger op

Nigerien and French soldiers have taken control of several key positions in the area.

Chez Gaston: A modest bistro serving superior French food

Hidden gem Chez Gaston serves no-frills French fare perfect for any occasion.

Kok condemns French anti-palm oil vote, calling it ‘unwarranted, unjustified’

The primary industries minister says it can potentially disrupt the livelihood of millions in key palm oil producing nations, including Malaysia.

More ‘yellow vest’ protests planned as France winds down for Christmas

The number of protesters has however fallen significantly since last week when Macron gave into some of their demands.

The year 2019 will see more high-brow Asian restaurants and French...

Here are some of the food trends predicted to define 2019.

‘French Spiderman’ arrested after tower stunt snarls London’s financial hub

The 56-year-old so-called "French Spiderman" took around an hour to climb the 230-metre high tower without ropes or safety equipment, while traffic came to a halt as bemused crowds packed the streets below.

British mountain biker shot dead by French hunter

He was shot Saturday evening as a hunting party beat its way through woods near Montriond.

French ham fans bring Hungarian pigs back from the brink

First bred by Hungarians in the early 19th century, the animal is actually half wild boar, which accounts for the coat of coarse hair that insulates it from both heat and cold.

French volunteers in Indonesia search for bodies in jumbled mire

Hundreds of people are believed to be entombed in slowly drying mud that enveloped communities in Palu when the quake triggered soil liquefaction.

Frenchman gets 25 years for murdering British neighbour dumped in well

The court also heard that King was likely killed with either a chisel or pickaxe and that Tenret returned to the house for several weeks after the murder to take food or have a shower.

Flying Frenchman charged for illegal base jump in Sydney

The Frenchman, who was released on bail and will return to court later this month, said he would do it again, just not in Sydney.

Syria calls on US, French, Turkish forces to withdraw immediately

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem says the foreign forces are on Syrian soil illegally, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and "will be dealt with accordingly."

Oil major Total makes major offshore UK gas discovery

Total said preliminary tests on the new gas discovery confirmed good reservoir quality, permeability and well production deliverability, with recoverable resources estimated at about one trillion cubic feet.

Macron’s popularity falls further in September

Only 29% of those surveyed in September said they were satisfied with President Macron.

French handbag maker Longchamp to invest in China to revive sales

Longchamp, which sells its bags and accessories in China through Tencent's messaging site WeChat, plans to launch its own e-commerce platform there in 2019 to increase sales.