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Tag: fuel price

RON97 up by 1 sen

The prices of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged, says finance ministry.

Govt considers depositing petrol subsidy into recipient’s bank account

Consumer affairs minister says 90% of low-income earners are already receiving assistance through their bank accounts.

No change in petrol, diesel prices

The finance ministry says the decision is to stabilise the retail pump prices.

RON97 petrol up again

Meanwhile, RON95 and diesel prices remain the same.

RON97 petrol up by 5 sen

The government announces price increase for the higher grade RON97 fuel for the coming week.

Higher diesel price bad for Sabahans, says SAPP

SAPP deputy president Richard Yong urges PH government to stabilise diesel prices to help boost sluggish economy.

France to consider state of emergency to prevent riots recurring, says...

When asked about imposing a state of emergency, Griveaux said it would be among the options considered on Sunday.

“Yellow vest” protesters clash with police in Paris, 24 arrested

Police said 24 people had been arrested amid concerns that violent far-right and far-left groups were infiltrating the "yellow vests" movement.

Fuel subsidy for RON95 to be rolled out in stages, says...

Saifuddin Nasution Ismail says the targeted fuel subsidy mechanism will be implemented in stages from the second quarter of 2019.

TNB to boost renewable energy to fight escalating electricity cost

By 2030, the government hopes to increase renewable energy usage in the electricity industry from 2% to 20%.

Inflationary pressure to ease by year-end

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says pegging fuel prices will likely cushion any inflationary pressure until the government decides to change the policy.

Is ‘fuel price Wednesday’ coming tomorrow?

Retailers are in the dark about the new government's policy on fuel prices ahead of the weekly price announcement tomorrow.

Is fuel being subsidised on the quiet, asks Rafizi

The PKR vice-president says it is strange that there has been no change in retail prices for the past four weeks despite rising world crude oil prices.

Govt to act if RON95, diesel prices hit RM2.50 per litre...

Finance ministry says whatever measures it decides to adopt will not burden the people.

Johari: Govt may increase BR1M amid rising fuel prices

The second finance minister says this may be possible in view of the increased revenue from rising global fuel prices.

MP wants Petronas dividend used to reinstate fuel subsidies

Rafizi Ramli says the RM3 billion Petronas dividend should not be wasted on overseas trips or campaigning.

Closing early: Errant petrol station operators to face action

Consumers have complained that several stations closed as early as 9pm on Wednesday night to adjust fuel prices based on the new increased rates.

Outrage after Shell charges RM4.09 per litre for RON95

Shell says 160 transactions were made under RM4.09 pricing, promising to refund all those affected.

Tony Pua slams government’s U-turn on fuel ceiling price

Decision not to set ceiling price is a massive blow to the people and shows Putrajaya favours oil and gas companies, says DAP national publicity secretary.

Ceiling price for fuel to be announced weekly from April

The government is determining fuel prices to prevent it from exceeding the correct market price, says Minister Hamzah Zainuddin.

Rafizi: Will petrol subsidies make a comeback?

PKR lawmaker says RON95 prices are expected to increase next year as crude oil prices have jumped by 18% over a month.

Ringgit dampens low oil price gains for Malaysia Airlines

MAB preparing for intense competition from other Malaysian carriers next year, but is concerned this will lead to over-capacity in the domestic market.

No hike in fuel prices for June

Prices have remained the same since April 2016.