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RON97 up by 10 sen, RON95 and diesel unchanged

The price of RON97 petrol has increased for four consecutive weeks.

Ryanair stock falls as price war threatens vital summer profits

Ryanair, Europe's largest budget airline is experiencing a drop in its earnings due to weakening economies and a surge in fuel prices.

RON97 down 2 sen, RON95 and diesel unchanged

The government says it is subsiding fuel prices by RM99.17 million during the May 19 to 24 period.

Last chance to keep pledge to reduce fuel prices, SAPP tells...

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee says Sabahans are disappointed that the federal government has not kept its pledges regarding oil royalties and reduction in fuel prices.

RON97 down 1 sen, RON 95 and diesel prices remain unchanged

The government will spend RM130.45 million in subsidies to rein in the price of fuel from May 4 to May 10.

China airlines post mixed results, warn of headwinds

China carriers may face some great challenges in profit making due to the global surge or oil prices and the big fluctuation of the yuan.

RON95, 97 up by 4 sen

Diesel prices will remain at RM2.18.

Fuel price drops 5 sen

The finance ministry attributes the cheaper price to increased output.

Fuel protests turn deadly in Zimbabwe

Residents say police fired teargas 'indiscriminately' in the city centre and residential areas.

Get to the bottom of hike in food prices, Putrajaya told

Consumer and restaurant groups urge the government to go after those in the production line who may have been taking advantage of the situation.

Dr M meets petrol dealers ahead of Cabinet meeting

The representatives from the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia met the prime minister to voice concerns over the weekly fuel price float proposal.

PM to meet petrol dealers ahead of weekly price float

This comes amid calls by petrol dealers to raise their sales commission to cover the anticipated higher cost of operation.

Govt: Fuel prices to go down from Jan 1, prices to...

Government says it will make adjustments to reflect world’s oil prices.

Govt selling fuel at higher prices for last 6 weeks, says...

On the top of increased prices, the government is also taxing the sale of fuel, claims the Rembau MP.

Surge in Q2 profit masks underlying challenges for AirAsia

AirAsia plans to add five more aircraft to its fleet through operating leases in the second half of 2018 and deploy them to AirAsia X Malaysia and AirAsia X Thailand, it said in a statement.

Come clean on fuel subsidies, Finance Ministry urged

Umno Youth wonders if the RM3 billion allocation for fuel subsidies would be enough, as PKR's Rafizi Ramli has said RM1.4 billion has already been spent.

Inflation for May likely to increase, says RAM Rating

This is due to the growth in retail fuel prices, the rating agency says.

RON95 to remain at RM2.20, RON97 to float

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the government has allocated RM3 billion until the end of 2018 to maintain RON95 and diesel retail prices for the rest of the year.

Fuel prices stay the same

The price per litre of RON95 remains at RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is at RM2.18.

No change in fuel prices

The price per litre of RON95 remains at RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is RM2.18.

Fuel prices unchanged for fourth week

RON95 is RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is at RM2.18.

Poll: Malaysia March inflation rate up slightly at 1.6%

Lower fuel prices have kept inflation in check and offset higher food costs, say economists.

Fuel prices stay the same

Since March 22: RON95 is at RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is RM2.18 per litre

Fuel prices stay the same for third week

The price per litre of RON95 remains at RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is at RM2.18.