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Tag: fuel subsidies

Time to end fuel subsidies

Continued subsidies will only portray an artificially low cost of fuel and lead to more road congestion and carbon emission.

Inflationary pressure to ease by year-end

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says pegging fuel prices will likely cushion any inflationary pressure until the government decides to change the policy.

Guan Eng: Private sector to spur growth as govt diversifies revenue...

Finance Minister agrees there will be a funding gap with the scrapping of the GST but that the government is working to diversify its revenue base, cut wastage and get the private sector to spur growth.

Inflation bogeyman prompts fuel subsidies across Southeast Asia

A look at what countries across Southeast Asia are doing to tame rising prices.

Wan Saiful: PH policies will restore confidence

He says Pakatan Harapan will deliver on promises, after Moody's ratings agency cautioned against removing GST and reintroducting fuel subsidies.

Don’t change everything for the sake of change

G25 welcomes PH's emphasis on good governance but warns against the pact's stand on abolishing GST, backtracking on tolls and reinstating fuel subsidies.

On tolled roads and fuel subsidies

People don't travel less because petrol costs more or roads are tolled

Govt to act if RON95, diesel prices hit RM2.50 per litre...

Finance ministry says whatever measures it decides to adopt will not burden the people.

Govt still subsidising fuel prices, says Treasury sec-gen

Irwan Serigar Abdullah says this is in spite of the fuel price mechanism that was introduced a few years back.

Fuel subsidies do nothing for the poor, say economists

Prominent economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram and DM Analytics chief economist Muhammed Abdul Khalid say it is better to focus on making public transportation more attractive.