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Be transparent on B40 petrol subsidy in East Malaysia, urges Sarawak...

Nancy Shukri says Sarawakians deserve to know the details, including expenses for the B40 petrol subsidy programme since they are excluded from it.

370 protesters arrested in Ecuador anti-austerity demonstrations

Transport unions have led the protests, joined by indigenous groups, students and other unions.

RON97 to go up another 12 sen

The price of RON95 and diesel remains unchanged

RON97 goes down 1 sen for coming week

Prices of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged.

Food and fuel dominate imports in Zimbabwe’s efforts to keep economy...

Zimbabwe imported almost US$80 million’s worth of diesel last month, 30% less than in June

UK faces food, fuel and drug shortages, says contested leaked document

UK ministers say the document is a worst-case scenario and significant steps have been taken in the last 3 weeks to accelerate Brexit planning.

India seeks used cooking oil to help Modi cut energy imports

Three main Indian state-run fuel retailers are looking to turn used cooking oil that might otherwise be discarded into biodiesel fuels.

Price of RON97 down 10 sen, no change to RON95, diesel

Government is spending RM103.76 million in subsidies to rein in the price of fuel from May 11 to May 17.

US drivers set to pay less to fuel up this summer

Lower pump prices are expected to spur more highway travel this season.

RON97 petrol up by 3 sen

Prices of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged.

Ceiling price for RON95 fuel brought down by 12 sen to...

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says this is an initiative to help the B40 lower-income group.

Comission: Germany should fully phase out coal by 2038

The commission's plans are at the centre of Germany's strategy to shift to renewables, which accounted for more than 40% of the energy mix last year, beating coal for the first time.

RON95, 97 prices to remain, diesel up by 1 sen

Greater demand for diesel, especially from China has led to a slight increase in diesel prices.

France’s ‘yellow vests’ mobilise for fresh round of protests

At around 11.00 am (1000 GMT), thousands of protesters gathered near the Gare de Lyon train station for a march towards the Arc de Triomphe.

Petrol, diesel prices drop from midnight

Fuel prices will be reviewed weekly and announced every Friday.

Petrol dealers warned against having ‘dry’ pumps

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry says they are required to have sufficient supply at all times.

Sell fuel on Jan 1 or risk losing licences, petrol station...

Ministry's 2,300 enforcement officers will check on all 3,700 petrol stations to ensure there is sufficient fuel from Jan 1.

Petrol dealers, govt hold urgent talks to avert boycott

Petrol dealers association says outcome of these meetings will decide whether its members stop selling petrol as a new float system kicks in on Jan 1 offering consumers lower fuel prices.

When saving on fuel is not all that it’s cracked up...

How much fuel savings are you truly enjoying with a luxury car when the very cost of the car could put you out of thousands of ringgit in the first place?

UN grants sanctions exemption for Korea railway survey

Delivering fuel to North Korea could potentially have been in breach of a UN cap limiting imports to 500,000 barrels a year.

Putrajaya to implement B10 biodiesel programme from Dec 1

Beginning from December, the minimum bio-content for biodiesel fuel will be raised from 7% to 10%.

Economist: Inflation likely to rise with return to previous fuel pricing...

Firdaos Rosli says it may be better to do away with fuel subsidies and channel the money to other forms of aid.

More than 400 hurt in French fuel price protests, says minister

The injured, 409 in total, included 28 members of the police, military police, and fire brigade.

Nasa’s Dawn asteroid mission ends as fuel runs out

Dawn, a NASA spacecraft that launched 11 years ago and studied two of the largest objects in the asteroid belt, has ended its mission after running out of fuel, officials said Thursday.