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Deputy minister pledges no hanky-panky with orphan charity funds

Islamic foundation has been audited, she says, after news reports of RM1 million in legal fees of an aide to the former PM.

Sarawak needs RM154 bil funding over next 11 years, says CM

Abang Johari Openg says since taking over the helm of the state government in 2017, he has implemented several 'bold steps' to increase state revenue.

RM50,000 needed to restore P Ramlee’s piano to old glory

The famed entertainer is said to have used the piano to create his award-winning songs.

UK regional funding dubbed ‘desperate bribe’ for Brexit votes

Opposition MPs call Theresa May's regional development funds as 'desperate bribes' used to convince people to back her on Brexit.

Health ministry decides against REIT plan to find additional funds

He says he has 'found other better financial instruments' to develop and improve ministry facilities.

US seeks to recover another RM154 million in 1MDB-related assets

The additional assets that the US Department of Justice wants to recover brings the total value of assets now subject to forfeiture to about RM6.9 billion.

RM138 mil in foreign funds inflow in holiday-shortened week

An economist says this is 'quite impressive' despite external uncertainties.

Sabah questions Putrajaya: Why weren’t we consulted on draft of Rural...

It says the policy is flawed as it was done without considering the views of Sabah and Sarawak.

Rolls-Royce seeks UK funds for nuclear power project

The Financial Times reports that the company is seeking a sum in the low hundreds of millions.

Cops question HRDF staff over alleged misappropriation of funds

The investigation is a follow-up to a report he filed against the previous administration last year, says HDRF CEO.

Report to MACC if you have proof MCA took 1MDB money,...

MCA president says onus is on the finance minister to prove his allegations.

Why freeze Umno assets for so long, Tajuddin Rahman asks

The Pasir Salak MP says the party needs money to function as an effective opposition.

Tabung Haji plans to put a cap on depositors’ fund level

The plan would not be executed immediately as the board is handling issues relating to panic withdrawals, says group CEO.

Billionaire Czech PM faces more legal trouble over use of EU...

Philippe Lamberts, who leads the Greens grouping in the European Parliament, has called for immediate suspension of EU funds to the companies involved.

Wong Chen: RM19.3 mil needed to fix problems of schools in...

Many are battling problems like termite infestation, old water pipes, worn-out electric wires and leaking roofs.

Prioritise public transport and go electric in Budget 2019

The new government should cut wastage by discontinuing some big transport projects whose benefits are questionable and instead concentrate on improving public transport and reducing private cars on the roads.

Kamalanathan confirms RM36 mil approved for Tamil schools

Former deputy minister says the money was to be allocated after the 14th general election if BN formed the government again.

Increase allocation to MACC, urges TI-M

Transparency International Malaysia president Akhbar Satar says this is because MACC has solved many major corruption cases.

When best to sell your shares

The worst time to liquidate your shares is when you are forced to sell, the sole reason why you must have enough emergency savings in place before investing.

Reveal who received RM36 mil, myPPP tells Kayveas

myPPP's senior vice-president Loga Bala Mohan calls fresh accusation a desperate attempt by Kayveas to divert attention from him being investigated by MACC.

Kayveas called for questioning by MACC, says party official

MyPPP deputy secretary-general says he himself was contacted by MACC over funds given to party said to have links to 1MDB.

Court case against my private secretary nothing to do with me,...

Azlan Man asks why the charge against his officer of giving false evidence in a case involving a woman charged with drug trafficking should affect his image.

Hadi: MACC free to probe PAS on claims Umno gave RM2.5...

The PAS president says the allegation is aimed at tarnishing the party's image.

Cops to check on claims of Umno funds transferred to PAS

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim says if there is a report lodged, police will hand over the case to MACC if there are elements of corruption.