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Tag: Fuziah

Kuantan MP slams renewal of Lynas licence

Fuziah Salleh says Kuantan citizens will be exposed to radioactive waste for another four years until a cracking and leaching facility is built outside Malaysia.

Deputy minister pledges no hanky-panky with orphan charity funds

Islamic foundation has been audited, she says, after news reports of RM1 million in legal fees of an aide to the former PM.

Stop producing new residue, MP tells Lynas

Any fresh waste will complicate efforts to remove the existing residue, says Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh.

MP lauds Cabinet decision ordering Lynas to remove radioactive waste

Fuziah Salleh says this is a much-awaited decision for the residents.

Lynas to shut down plant temporarily if it fails to get...

Its chief executive, Amanda Lacaze, explains to investors the decision which can see it lose RM48.5 million in revenue.

Executive committee formed to review Lynas’ operations in Pahang

The Cabinet has decided that members of the committee would comprise those who have not openly stated their stand on the plant.

Report: Parliamentary inquiry to be held into Lynas operation

SBS News of Australia reports that two inquiries are expected to be held soon regarding environmental concerns over Lynas’ rare-earths operation in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Fuziah: Don’t drive LGBT group away from Islam

The deputy minister warns against alienating the LGBT group, saying this will only drive them further away from Islam.

Transgender boleh guna tandas OKU, kata Fuziah

Timbalan menteri berkata penggunaan tandas OKU langkah sementara sehingga masyarakat boleh menerima mereka.

Wanita PKR has become ‘yes man’, says PKR veep

Fuziah Salleh says she hopes to change the culture if she wins the Wanita PKR chief's post.

Businessman loses RM80,000 in Philippines agarwood deal

Buyer and partners were later arrested by the Philippine authorities in connection with the deal.

My phone used to send seditious messages, says Kuantan MP

Fuziah Salleh lodges police report, fearing this matter can jeopardise her political career.

Pahang kena bertindak pulihkan ‘perangkap maut’

Ahli Parlimen Kuantan Fuziah Salleh berkata kerajaan negeri Pahang perlu memulihkan tanah bekas lombong bauksit di negeri itu.

Office of Kuantan MP splashed with red paint

MP believes incident has links to Bersih 5 convoy in Rompin as organisers had used her office.