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Tag: G Manivannan

DUN Hutan Melintang ‘dicuri’ daripada saya, kata calon PKR

G Manivannan berkata laporan kerajaan mendedahkan kerajaan BN memindahkan pengundi tentera ke Hutan Melintang untuk 'tujuan politik'.

MIC man sees PKR losing Hutan Melintang

Former speaker R Ganesan says Umno will wrest the seat from the opposition, thanks to Zahid Hamidi's influence in the area.

Manivannan: Race politics won’t affect Malay-majority Kapar

Despite the huge Malay majority in Kapar following the redrawing of electoral boundaries, PKR's G Manivannan says people will vote based on the country's situation, not race.

Tiada tanda didera, tapi polis dituduh cuai dalam kematian Thanabalan

Penyandang Parlimen Kapar, persatuan sivil berkata Thanabalan Subramaniam sepatutnya diberi rawatan perubatan secepat mungkin.

No signs of abuse, but cops accused of negligence in Thanabalan’s...

Incumbent Kapar MP, civil society groups say Thanabalan Subramaniam should have been given medical treatment sooner.

Ministry’s budget allocation passed by just one vote in Dewan

Opposition MPs furious BN MPs allowed to vote even after two-minute warning but deputy speaker says there is no rule that votes of MPs who enter late cannot be counted.

Get Petronas to quit Myanmar, govt told

Raja Kamarul Bahrin notes that the oil company has yet to respond to a petition from MPs.

Kapar MP threatens to sue Bayu College

Kapar MP G Manivannan says Bayu College must either prove its allegations against him or publicly apologise.

3 students are lying, says Bayu College

Bayu College CEO Loganathan Rajagopal says the students were informed about an optional dual programme and the fee would be RM200 a month.

Probe on teacher who beat student with a shoe

Education department to investigate discipline teacher who allegedly 'lost control' after being 'stressed out'.

Kapar MP won’t hear our side, claims Bayu College

The institution accuses G Manivannan of being one-sided in his stance on the reportedly missing RM400 monthly allowances allocated to students.

Kapar MP: I didn’t ask for prostitution to be legalised

G Manivannan has threatened to take legal action against daily for its report and Sungai Besar Umno Division Chief Jamal Yunos for his remarks.

Kapar MP claims Umno lawmaker wanted to punch him

Umno's Noor Ehsanuddin Harun Narrashid however alleges G Manivannan challenged him to a fight earlier.

NGO meets EU envoys to lobby for Anwar’s release

Otai Reformis 1998 seeks assistance from EU ambassadors for the release of Anwar Ibrahim.

Ministry to probe use of cheap alcohol by students

Kapar MP glad action is to be taken on sale of cheap alcohol after receiving reports from four schools on problem.

‘Students hooked on cheap liquor in Klang’

According to Kapar MP G Manivannan, four schools in Kapar have reported students consuming the liquor, sometimes mixed with Coca Cola, in school.

No opposition pact will be stronger than PH

Pakatan Harapan has three influential component parties and this will ensure it remains the strongest Opposition coalition, says Amanah vice-president