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G25: Rasuah kian merebak punca Dr M lantik Latheefa

G25 berkata rasuah mencapai tahap kritikal dan perdana menteri terpaksa mengisi jawatan ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM dengan segera.

G25: Corruption so rife, Dr M had to act fast

PM's appointment of Latheefa Koya an 'exceptional circumstance' say former top civil servants making a call for changes in the law to ensure parliamentary scrutiny.

G25 confident IPCMC will improve police image

It hopes those appointed to serve on IPCMC will be men and women of honourable character.

‘We’ve ratified Genocide Convention which offers no sovereign immunity’

Critics are using false arguments to oppose Rome Statute, says former diplomat.

Ahli G25 sokong kuota matrikulasi untuk pelajar bukan Bumi ditambah

Johan Ariffin kata sistem kuota sedia ada "kuno" dan "berat sebelah".

The power of rulers to appoint and remove MBs

In Malaysia, only the Federal Constitution is supreme.

G25 menang saman, mahkamah batal pengharaman buku

Hakim Nordin Hassan berkata menteri mesti menunjukkan asas keputusan untuk mengharamkan buku itu.

High Court lifts ban order on G25 book

Judge Nordin Hassan allows a judicial review application by the group to challenge the ban and set aside Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's decision on the matter.

G25 disappointed govt yielded to pressure on Rome Statute

It hopes it can be brought up later in Parliament for final decision when people have much better understanding of the matter.

After Christchurch massacre, G25 wants hate speech criminalised

The group of former prominent civil servants says although the intention is to play to the gallery, it is nevertheless 'a dangerous game'.

Jangan guna Zakir Naik untuk raih undi Melayu, G25 beritahu PH

G25 tidak mahu PH menjadi 'lebih Umno daripada Umno' dengan menggunakan sentimen kaum dan agama untuk raih sokongan Melayu.

G25 colleagues share fond memories of ex-envoy Redzuan

They remember him for his poise as a gentleman and kindness as a friend.

G25’s Redzuan Khushairi dies at 69

The former ambassador died of a heart attack this afternoon.

Tackle sensitive structural issues to succeed, G25 tells EAC

The NGO notes that no progress had been made in past attempts at reform because previous governments had caved in to pressure when implementing politically sensitive reforms.

Lifting ban on G25 book: I can’t decide on my own,...

Home minister says the group’s book touches on Islamic teachings, something which the ministry is not an authority on.

Time for comprehensive solution to Orang Asli land issues, says G25

The group of former senior civil servants reminds the government of Suhakam's report in 2013.

G25 gesa kerajaan PH batal pengharaman buku mereka

Kerajaan lalu haramkan buku mereka kerana dianggap prejudis

G25 urges PH to lift book ban

The book, 'Breaking The Silence: Voices of Moderation: Islam in a Constitutional Democracy', was banned in 2017 by the previous administration.

Ke arah Malaysia berasaskan Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin

Anjakan sistem syariah dari satu sistem yang punitif ke satu sistem yang reformatif, digabungkan dengan pendidikan yang holistik dapat memupuk sifat keadilan, progresif dan berbelas kasih kepada masyarakat.

Let the dust settle on ICERD, then try again

G25 hopes that once the dust has settled and the intent and provisions of ICERD are made clearer to the public, Malaysia’s accession to ICERD can be reviewed once more.

G25 says ‘no’ to screening of potential judges by Parliament

The group of former prominent civil servants says the appointment of judges should be left to the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Bite the bullet on unpopular reforms, PH told

Former finance ministry secretary-general Sheriff Kassim says reforms must be implemented even if certain quarters bring race issues into the picture.

Ali Hamsa akan bersara 29 Ogos?

Sumber daripada Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam berkata, kontraknya tidak akan diperbaharui.

Time for Ali Hamsa to go, says G25

The group of former prominent civil servants says the chief secretary to the government must take responsibility over the negative public statements on the civil service.