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I’m too famous to need promotion, says Trump

US president doesn’t think G7 summit will be exciting if it was held elsewhere.

Trump says next G7 summit won’t be at his Miami golf...

The resort was previously considered 'best place'.

Democrats to probe proposal to host G7 at Trump resort

At the G7 meeting in Biarritz, Trump has said his administration is looking into hosting next year's summit at the Trump National Doral golf resort near Miami.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro open to G7 aid if Macron ‘withdraws insults’

To talk or accept anything from France, with the best possible intentions, he (Macron) must withdraw the insults he made against me, says Bolsonaro

Asian markets bounce back after previous day’s pounding

Asian markets are generally rallying after Donald Trump announced on Monday that China and the US will resume negotiation.

Brazil rejects G7 aid to fight Amazon fires, says govt official

Senior official says funds should be spent on reforesting Europe and not on ‘colonialist practices’.

G7 dishes out emergency aid for Amazon forest fire crisis

A record number of blazes are ravaging the rainforest, many of them thought to have been started deliberately in Brazil, drawing international concern.

Trump says China wants to restart trade talks

Beijing’s top negotiator has publicly announced that China wants to end the trade war.

US, Japan agree on trade deal ‘in principle’

Negotiators agree on Japan placing tariffs on US agricultural products up to levels that apply to members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, according to reports.

Trump ‘not happy’ after N.Korea’s Kim oversees latest rocket test

North Korea's official news agency describes the weapon as a 'super-large multiple rocket launcher.'

Central bankers face political shocks, and hope to avoid the worst

Central banks have asked politicians for years to use fiscal policy more constructively and address structural problems plaguing economies.

Iranian foreign minister arrives in G7 summit town in France

US President Donald Trump earlier appeared to brush aside French efforts to mediate with Iran.

G7 to help nations hit by Amazon fires, says Macron

Ahead of the gathering, French President Emmanuel Macron called on world leaders to hold urgent talks on the wildfires.

Trump’s only regret on China is ‘not raising tariffs higher’

US President Donald Trump earlier appeared to signal he might be considering a softening of his position in the trade war, which has seen Washington impose steep levies on all Chinese imports.

Trump dampens Macron optimism on Iran talks

EU leaders have struggled to tamp down the brewing confrontation between Iran and the US since President Donald Trump pulled his country out of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal.

Trump backs ‘right man’ Johnson at fractious G7 summit

A new US-UK trade deal after Britain leaves the EU was at the heart of their meeting and both men appeared upbeat about the chances of success.

UK’s Johnson ‘very worried’ about trade tensions, tariff hikes

The question of tariffs is of particular concern for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he prepares to lead Britain out of the EU with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson and Tusk trade barbs over Brexit at G7

The outcome of the tortuous Brexit crisis remains unclear three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.

Trump, EU clash over trade at G7 opening

US President Donald Trump flew into Biarritz after promising to impose punishing tariffs on French wine imports if French President Emmanuel Macron doesn't withdraw a tax on US tech giants.

Thousands join anti-G7 march as world leaders fly in

Anti-capitalist activists, environmentalists and other anti-globalisation groups are flocking to southwestern France for a counter-summit which they insist will be peaceful.

Protests to greet G7 leaders as they discuss trade, Amazon fires

Thousands in Biarritz, France are set to march around 30 kilometres to denounce G7 leaders over poverty and environmental damage.

France defiant in digital tax showdown with US at G7

France has passed a new law that will tax digital giants on revenue accrued inside the country, even if their European headquarters are elsewhere.

G7 urges greater role for women in peace processes

The G7 ministers also called on greater mobilisation worldwide to 'prevent sexual and gender-based violence in conflict'.

G7 calls for ‘transparent’ probe in Khashoggi case

Officials in Turkey say that the Saudis killed Khashoggi inside the consulate.