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Tag: gag order

Australia seeks possible jail for journalists over Pell gag order

The Department of Public Prosecutions called for the reporters and 13 of the country's leading news organisations to face trial for contempt of court.

Najib not entitled to additional documents, court rules

The judge says this could lead to tampering with witnesses, which cannot be allowed.

Najib seeks gag order on media, public over SRC case

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says any statements made on the criminal proceedings by the media or public is subjudice to Najib.

Trump adviser Stone: I’m not Kim Kardashian, don’t need gag order

Stone and his lawyers tell US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson that his First Amendment right to free speech entitles him to 'speak as he wishes'.

Court sets Feb 7-8 for hearing of Najib’s appeals

The appeals are related to his application for a gag order on the media, his application for the discovery of documents, and his challenge to the appointment of Sulaiman Abdullah as lead prosecutor in his case.

Pogba says ‘not allowed’ to talk after Man United stalemate

Jose Mourinho's United have made their worst start to a league campaign in 29 years after an embarrassing 3-1 loss at West Ham and are already out of the League Cup.

Public discussion not prejudicial to Najib, says Syahredzan

The political secretary to Lim Kit Siang says this is because the country does not practise the jury system.

Court refuses Najib’s bid to muzzle discussion of case

The former prime minister's lawyer says he will file a notice of appeal on Monday.

Najib’s lawyer wants trial put off ‘until things cool down’

The ex-prime minister's counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says Najib Razak is entitled to a fair trial in court and not trial by media.

Permohonan ‘tegah siar’ Najib diketahui hari ini

Permohonan secara bertulis berhubung perintah larangan tersebut, sebelum ini dikemukakan oleh Shafee yang mewakili Najib.

Lawyers: Speaker wrong to stop debate on Najib’s court case

The speaker’s ruling restricts MPs right to free speech and a media gag order on the ex-prime minister's case cannot be extended to the legislature, they argue.

US judge skeptical of bid for gag order on Stormy Daniels’...

US District Judge S. James Otero said he was reluctant to curtail the free speech rights of Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti.

PH slams Umno man for warning cops, MACC not to talk...

They take former FT Umno Youth chief Razlan Rafii to task for warning the authorities not to talk about 1MDB.

Judges have no business gagging media, public, say lawyers

Among others, they say the judges' jurisdiction is limited to parties involved in a court case, and not others such as the media.

Shafee says gag order to stop judgemental statements on Najib

Lawyer Shafee Abdullah however says the gag order will not include news reporting on court proceedings.

AG says taken by surprise over bid for gag order

AG Tommy Thomas says the prosecution team will make a formal bid to oppose the interim gag order on Aug 8.

Stormy Daniels says Cohen’s request for gag order is premature

Cohen’s request is premature and unjustified because the lawsuit is stayed and no jury trial is scheduled, Clifford said in a filing Monday in federal court in Los Angeles.

USA Gymnastics won’t enforce Maroney gag order

USA Gymnastics has allowed McKayla Maroney to speak freely about her sexual abuse case, having been sued by the gymnast last month.

Gag order an affront to academic freedom, say UM staff

Universiti Malaya Academic Staff Association president Azmi Sharom says gag order violates freedom of expression and prevents staff from doing their jobs.

Jong Nam murder: Gag order on public statements

Media should not prompt witnesses in the case to give statements because they are the people who should be protected pending the disposal of the case.

Noh Omar: DAP hypocrites for issuing advisory

Umno MP slams DAP for the double standards the party practises when it comes to freedom of speech.

DAP: It’s not a gag order, just an advisory

DAP National Organising Secretary Anthony Loke says four DAP leaders have been appointed as spokesmen for comments on the bungalow sale.