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Space telescope offers rare glimpse of Earth-sized exoplanet

LHS 3844b, an exoplanet about 1.3 times the size of Earth, is locked in a tight orbit around a small, relatively cool star called a red dwarf.

Galaxy honour David Beckham on MLS opening day

Former English captain, David Beckham's statue was unveiled by the LA Galaxy outside their stadium.

Galaxy to unveil Beckham statue before season opener

The iconic midfielder will receive the honour before the Galaxy's March 2 Major League Soccer opener against Chicago.

Inside Samsung’s bid to challenge Apple with 5G, folding phones

The bendable display does not hold a finger-print sensor like the S10, due to technical difficulties unique to its flexible screens.

Thai cave survivors train with Galaxy, Ibrahimovic

The Wild Boars team were given a tour of the Galaxy's StubHub Center stadium before training with members of the MLS team at a nearby pitch.

Frustrated Ibrahimovic coy on Galaxy future

Ibrahimovic, who has a contract through the 2019 season, was reluctant to confirm his plans for next year.

Samsung sets new Galaxy device launch for October

The invitation offered few details but the mention of "4x fun" led to speculation about a new smartphone with four cameras or possibly a foldable handset.

Ford plans to upgrade Mondeo family car, not kill it

The Mondeo remains a core part of its product line-up in Europe, and there will be improvements introduced later this year, the US automaker said Monday in an emailed statement.

Galaxy star Ibrahimovic withdraws from MLS All-Star Game

The Galaxy cited a heavy schedule workload for the reason Ibrahimovic pulled out.

Zlatan’s hat trick carries Galaxy past Orlando City

Ibrahimovic now has 15 goals over 17 appearances for the Galaxy, scoring multiple goals five times since joining the club in late March.

Cosmic collision alters understanding of early universe

The observation of a 14-galaxy collision has challenged many astronomers' views of the universe.

Ibrahimovic on target again as Galaxy douse Fire

Ibrahimovic had taken his MLS goals tally to three in three games after heading home a cross from former England and Chelsea star Ashley Cole on 45 minutes.

Ibrahimovic’s late spark not enough to power Galaxy again

The Galaxy had been hoping for another miracle late finish by Zlatan Ibrahimovic who gave his team a lift when he finally entered as a substitute in the 62nd minute, but couldn't erase Sporting's two goal lead.

Milky Way core may harbour thousands of black holes, study says

Astrophysicists have detected a dozen black holes at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, and said Wednesday there could be as many as 10,000.

Most distant star ever detected sits halfway across the universe

Researchers say they used Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope to spot the star, which is up to a million times more luminous and about twice as hot as our sun, residing 9.3 billion lights years away from Earth.

Astronomers find the ‘impossible’: a galaxy without dark matter

Stupefied astronomers on Wednesday unveiled the first and only known galaxy without dark matter, the invisible and poorly-understood substance thought to make up a quarter of the Universe.

Andromeda galaxy was formed in ‘recent’ star crash, study says

Two galaxies fused between 1.8 and three billion years ago to create Andromeda.