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Johari tells how govt can buy 4 highways without more debt

Former finance minister says toll-operator should be allowed to collect toll during peak hours while the government absorbs cost of tolls at non peak hours.

Keuntungan bersih Gamuda naik kepada lebih RM700 juta

Keuntungan Bersih Gamuda Bhd meningkat daripada RM530.18 juta kepada RM706.11 juta bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Julai 2019.

Cadangan ambil alih lebuh raya Gamuda dijangka ditolak

Idea untuk mengambil alih lebuh raya Gamuda hanyalah salah satu daripada banyak cadangan yang diterima daripada beberapa pihak.

Takeover of Gamuda highways said to be unlikely

A decision on the toll issue is due soon, says a well-placed source in Putrajaya.

RM6.2 billion price tag for highway takeover not final, says deputy...

Amiruddin Hamzah says the government will carry out due diligence to determine the final value.

Highway congestion charges will be at ‘very reduced rates’, says Guan...

The finance minister says if the government is able to absorb operational and maintenance costs, toll-free highways were a possibility in the future.

Tiada keputusan ambil alih lebuh raya dari Gamuda, kata Dr M

Sebelum ini Putrajaya mengemukakan tawaran untuk mengambil alih kepentingan dalam 4 pengendali lebuh raya utama membabitkan nilai RM6.2 bilion.

Now, Dr M says no decision on highway takeover from Gamuda

This follows reports that government had made a RM6.2 billion bid to take over four concessions of tolled highways.

Najib says highway takeover a windfall for Gamuda

Ex-premier highlights view by experts that the government would suffer a loss and the people would continue to pay.

CAP urges Putrajaya to retract MoF offer for tolled highways

The consumer group says the end benefit for highway users is prohibitive.

Kadar tol akan naik tanpa pengambilalihan 4 lebuh raya, kata timbalan...

Ong Kian Ming memberi contoh kadar tol LDP akan naik daripada RM2.10 kepada RM3.10 jika tiada pengambilalihan syarikat konsesi.

Gamuda terima tawaran Putrajaya untuk 4 konsesi lebuhraya

Gamuda menerima cadangan Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan untuk Kesas, SPRINT, Litrak dan SMART.

Gamuda accepts offer by govt to buy over 4 highways

This will involved the Kesas, LDP, Sprint and Smart highways.

Motorists will pay congestion charge from Jan 1 after govt buys...

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the maximum congestion charge will be capped at the current toll rate.

Govt offers to buy over 4 toll concessionaires for RM6.2 bil

The offer, valid until July 12, will be undertaken by a special purpose vehicle, wholly-owned by MoF Inc.

National debt will worsen if govt buys 4 highways, says rating...

RAM Rating also says the proposal to introduce congestion charge will complicate toll abolition for highways.

Kajian mansuh semua tol perlu 2 atau 3 bulan, kata menteri

Menteri Kewangan, Lim Guan Eng berkata, pemansuhan semua tol di seluruh negara memerlukan masa kerana ia tidak dikendalikan syarikat konsesi sama.

Everyone wins in highway takeover plan, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says commuters will save up to RM180 million per annum with reduced traffic jam during peak hours.

Gamuda falls sharply after government announces talks to acquire highways

The counter fell by 8.88% or 27 sen to RM2.77 with 17.3 million shares changing hands at 9.50am.

We address highways toll within our means, says Dr M

The PM says the government is now focusing on Klang Valley tolled highways.

We needed to cut costs on MRT 2, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says the lower cost of construction will improve liability and future debt for the government, translating to lower ticket prices and higher passenger traffic.

MRT 2: Cutting costs or cutting corners?

The government should reveal whether the cost savings will be able to justify or cover the additional re-tender and compensation costs incurred as a result of cancelling the underground work package for the MRT 2.

Gamuda, MMC slide as Dr M deepens spending cuts

Gamuda and MMC shares fell to the lowest in nine years after Putrajaya rejected an offer from the MMC-Gamuda consortium to build an underground portion of the MRT2 project.

Gamuda submits RM963 million joint bid for Singapore land

The property developer says the site has been earmarked for an executive condominium development project.