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Tag: Gan Ping Sieu

Break free from the past, Cenbet tells PH on local council...

The Centre for a Better Tomorrow says the government should not be 'held ransom by racists and bigots' when it comes to restoring local council elections.

We’re still not keen, ex-MCA veep tells BN after rebranding proposal

Any alliance with PAS is a no-go, says former vice-president Gan Ping Sieu

Put MCA in order, then talk about leaving BN, says ex-party...

The focus should be on reviving the party, not on leaving Barisan Nasional, says former MCA vice-president Yap Pian Hon.

Join forces, don’t split up, analyst tells opposition parties

Andrew Aeria says the lack of a strong opposition front is not good for the present government.

Let’s stay in BN and overcome problems together, says Khairy

The former Umno Youth chief responds to talk of MCA quitting Barisan Nasional.

MCA to leave BN if I win, says presidential candidate Gan

Gan Ping Sieu announces his election manifesto, which includes the intent for MCA to break away from BN and become an independent party.

Khairy to MCA: You’re free to leave BN

Rembau MP says Barisan Nasional can find other Chinese-based parties interested in cooperating with it if MCA is not interested.

Kalau MCA tak berminat, kita cari parti lain, kata Khairy

BN boleh mencari parti lain yang berminat untuk bekerjasama dengannya.

Cenbet: Amend GPA to stop governments from suing for defamation

The Centre For A Better Tomorrow says allowing governments to sue or threaten to sue individuals or organisations could lead to a totalitarian state.

MCA-linked Cenbet backs return of local council elections

The advocacy group for moderation and good governance’s co-president Gan Ping Sieu says conditions have matured to allow for restoration of the third vote.

Pulling out of BN should be an option, says MCA man

Former veep Gan Ping Sieu says it’s certainly an option being mooted by the party’s grassroots.

Axing HSR party decision or Cabinet, asks think tank

Cenbet questions the manner in which the decision was made, saying it could set a bad precedent for the review of other government projects.

Cenbet: Stop election promises which bring long-term harm

As GE14 nears, NGO warns that country's long-term well-being is being sacrificed for short-term electoral gains.

MCA: Johor Malays not for Pakatan

Gan Ping Sieu says it'll be hard to swing votes from Umno, even with Muhyiddin in the fray.

Cenbet: Hotels’ headscarf ban same as govt offices’ dress code

Cenbet co-president Gan Ping Sieu says what one wears is a personal choice and should embrace the diversity of our plural society.

Cenbet: Cara berpakaian hak peribadi pekerja

Badan pemikir itu berkata selagi sesuatu pakaian tidak menghalang pekerja menjalankan tugas dengan berkesan, tidak ada sesiapa pun berhak mengharamkannya.

Get into Islamic debate, non-Muslim leaders told

Religious issues shouldn't be seen as sensitive in a country proud of its diverse cultures, says ex-deputy minister.

Akyol’s detention: Did Jawi overstep its boundaries, asks NGO

Cenbet head Gan Ping Sieu says arrest of Turkish author Mustafa Akyol in KLIA suggests religious dept can question foreigners and order immigration to detain them.

Cenbet calls for review of government censorship process

NGO's co-president Gan Ping Sieu says taxpayers have a right to know why certain publications do not see the light of day in Malaysia.

Bebas: Irrational curbs on social media will do more harm

Rights group questions whether social media operators have qualification and credibility to determine between hate speech and illegal content.

NGO wants Isa to decline post of acting chairman at SPAD

Centre for a Better Tomorrow says former chairman of Felda Global Ventures should not hold any key position as long as controversy lingers over his stewardship of FGV.

‘Jangan heret MCA dalam isu bazar Ramadan Kluang’

Pengerusi MCA Bahagian Kluang berkata, sebagai wakil rakyat beliau bertanggungjawab menyuarakan kebimbangan peniaga berhubung kesesuaian lokasi bazar dan mencari alternatif lain.

Cenbet: Don’t whip up racial sentiments over pig bristle brushes

NGO chief says high-profile raids are unnecessary as hardware traders may be unaware brushes are made of pig bristle, or that they were used in food preparation.

Cenbet: Why deny citizenship to children over language?

NGO chief Gan Ping Sieu rebukes academic for wanting to use proficiency in Malay language as basis to give children blue ICs.