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Malaysia, the land of experts

People tend to look for answers online that justify their political allegiance, instead of seeking the truth based on facts.

Haziq to be probed for carnal intercourse, distribution of obscene material

Police say the aide to a deputy minister was nabbed as he was about to fly off to Manila.

Ecuador’s highest court approves same-sex marriage

The conservative country joins a handful of other Latin American countries to recognise gay marriage.

Report needed before probe can start on gay sex confession, says...

Hamid Ismail questions whether the Sabah Islamic authorities were willing to take action even if a report is lodged.

Duterte mengaku dirinya ‘gay’ sebelum berkahwin dengan isterinya

Presiden Filipina sering mengeluarkan kenyataan kontroversi dan kali ini mengaku pernah terlibat dalam dunia gay.

Sultan Brunei pulangkan ijazah kehormat Oxford selepas kritikan hukuman gay

Hampir 120,000 orang menandatangani petisyen menggesa Universiti Oxford membatalkan penganugerahan ijazah kehormat undang-undang yang diberikan kepada Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah pada 1993.

US TV station pulls episode over gay marriage

It's not the first time that the issue of homosexuality in a children's program has generated controversy.

Gay atheist in Catholic heartland plots to save his country

Robert Biedron wants to pull his country away from pious nationalism and homophobia that’s permeated society under the current government.

Datuk bandar gay AS mulakan kempen presiden

Pete Buttigieg mengetengahkan isu berkaitan kepercayaan beliau terhadap agama Kristian dan identiti seksualnya.

UK calls Brunei’s anti-gay law ‘backward step’

The tough penal code in the tiny country on tropical Borneo island has sparked a storm of global criticism from politicians, celebrities and rights groups.

Brunei akan rejam hingga mati pesalah zina, gay

Kerajaan Brunei juga menetapkan hukuman potong tangan dan kaki bagi kesalahan mencuri mulai 3 April ini.

US officials order Chinese firm to sell gay dating app Grindr

Grindr bills itself as 'the world's largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans and queer people'.

Gay parenting ‘boot camp’ moves to Asia to meet growing demand...

Socially conservative attitudes prevail across most of Asia where Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei outlaw sexual relations between men.

Anti-gay laws widespread in Africa despite gains

28 African countries have laws that go against same-sex relationships according to Human Rights Watch specialist, Neela Ghoshal.

Sabah secondary school behind ‘kunyit’ programme apologises

Sabah education director Mistirine Radin says the school based in Kota Kinabalu has realised its mistake of including such a programme in its yearbook.

Black, gay US TV actor attacked in ‘possible hate crime’

News of the early morning attack left the entertainment world reeling and gay advocacy groups speaking out in support of the 36-year-old actor.

Gay Brazilian lawmaker leaves job, country over death threats

President Jair Bolsonaro enjoys strong support from ultra-conservative Christians.

Trump’s transgender troop ban gets go-ahead

The number of transgender troops among US's approximately 1.3 million active duty service members is fairly small, with estimates topping out at 15,000.

Chelsea fan banned for homophobic abuse

The fan ban is the latest worrying incident involving Chelsea supporters this season.

Cuba to scrap same-sex marriage law in new constitution

It is a surprising twist given public popular support shown nationwide and earlier remarks from lawmakers in the Americas' only one-party Communist regime.

Singapore court allows gay man to adopt son in landmark ruling

The decision overturns a 2017 court ruling which said the man could not adopt the boy.

‘Moral panic’ targets Indonesia’s LGBT community

The country of 260 million is in the grip of a moral panic, with critics saying the vulnerable LGBT minority is being used as a political punching bag in the run-up to 2019 elections.

310,000 bukan jumlah sebenar gay di Malaysia

Angka tersebut belum muktamad oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia sebagaimana yang dipetik Jakim semalam.

Ramai gay tapi tak semua terlibat hubungan songsang, kata Mujahid

Menteri berkata rekod Jakim mempunyai pelbagai kategori termasuk kelompok yang tidak melakukan perbuatan songsang.