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2 polis Palestin maut, puluhan cedera dalam 2 letupan di Gaza

Letupan pertama berlaku berhampiran pusat pemeriksaan di kawasan Dahdouh sementara satu lagi di pusat pemeriksaan polis di daerah Sheikh Ejleen, bandar Gaza.

Israel must end its blockade of Gaza

The Jewish state holds all the cards, the weapons and the means to put an end to the humanitarian crisis.

The tragedy of Gaza’s children

The Israeli-led blockade is pushing Gaza further toward the cliff edge of a humanitarian emergency.

Hamas sokong langkah Abbas gantung semua perjanjian dengan Israel

Presiden Palestin Mahmoud Abbas mengumumkan Khamis, bahawa semua perjanjian yang dimeterai dengan Israel akan digantung.

Israel unblocks Gaza fuel, expands fishing

Israel allows Gaza fuel deliveries to resume and expands its fishing zone in exchange for calm in the enclave, Israeli and Palestinian officials and a UN source say.

Israel restores Gaza fishing zone to ease humanitarian crisis

Israel said it eased fishing restrictions off the blockaded Gaza Strip to prevent deterioration in humanitarian conditions in the Palestinian enclave.

4 penduduk Palestin maut, lebih 50 cedera dalam pertempuran di timur...

Sejak tunjuk perasaan meletus tahun lepas, tentera Israel telah membunuh 275 penunjuk perasaan dan mencederakan 17,000 lagi.

German police raid Islamic organisations over suspected Hamas support

The organisations say on their websites that they collect donations for people in Gaza, Somalia, Syria and other countries.

Motion to condemn Israeli attack on Gaza to be discussed by...

Minister says nationwide prayers will also be held to remember those being oppressed in Palestine and to protect the holy sites of Al Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israel, Hamas clash over Gaza, then truce reached

After a day of intense cross-border fighting, Palestinian officials say Egypt has mediated a ceasefire, though the frontier did not remain calm for long.

Israel: 6 hurt near Tel Aviv in Gaza rocket attack

The early morning incident comes at a time of high tension ahead of the anniversary of Gaza border protests and an April 9 election campaign in Israel.

Netanyahu warns Hamas after Gaza unrest

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that he will do whatever it takes to make Gaza borders 'peace and quiet' again.

In Gaza, women walk thin line between hope and despair

Israel and Egypt's tight restrictions have devastated Gaza's economy and left many of its women struggling to find work after graduating from college.

Israel hits Hamas sites after balloons with ‘explosive device’

Israel fights back after Palestine sends balloons carrying an 'explosive device.'

UN probe accuses Israel of possible crimes against humanity

Investigators specify there are reasonable grounds to believe Israeli troops killed and injured Palestinians 'who were neither directly participating in hostilities, nor posing an imminent threat'.

Hamas kuasai pintu masuk Gaza di sempadan Israel

Pentadbiran PA di pintu masuk barangan dikenali sebagai Kerem Abu Salem itu berkata, Hamas 'mengusir pekerjanya dan melarang mereka memasuki laluan itu'.

USAID assistance in the West Bank and Gaza has ceased

Deadline set by new US legislation which allows lawsuits against foreign aid recipients prompts decision.

Hamas refuses to let Qatar pay Gaza salaries

The civil servants have also become a symbol of a bitter and protracted power struggle in Gaza.

Netanyahu pledges ‘lethal’ response to Gaza violence after blocking aid

Weeks of relative calm in the Gaza Strip ended when Israeli soldiers came under fire along the border with the enclave in 2 separate incidents.

Israel attacks Hamas camp, blocks aid to Gaza

An Israeli official says a transfer of cash from Qatar to Gaza via Israel as part of the truce will not occur because of the violence.

Palestinian president plans anti-Hamas measures as split widens

The moves raise concerns of more suffering for Gaza's two million residents, already under an Israeli blockade and facing severe electricity shortages.

45 penduduk Gaza ditahan jadi pengintip Israel

Mereka disyaki bersekongkol dengan operasi Israel untuk menyusup masuk ke Khan Younis di tenggara Gaza pada November lepas.

Qatar steps in to pay civil servants wages in Gaza

The payout, thought to be around US$15 million, is part of a US$90 million Qatari donation that began in November and is due to be paid into Gaza over six months.

On both sides of Gaza border, residents prepare for worst

Israeli air strikes continued sporadically in Gaza on Tuesday while bulldozers cleared rubble left behind by the previous night's bombings that flattened multi-storey buildings.