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After Latheefa’s appointment, analysts differ on whether it will backfire on...

While Awang Azman Awang Pawi feels PH is not yet on secure foundation, Oh Ei Sun says opposition to Latheefa's appointment will not hurt the government.

Tribunal to rule if it can try ex-EC members for misconduct

The tribunal will announce its decision on May 24.

One year of false hopes from Pakatan Harapan

The government is dragging its feet and reneging on election promises.

Bang the government as hard as you want, says Anwar

The PKR president says Malaysians who voted for change have to continue keeping PH in check, adding that people should be allowed to criticise the government.

Covering New Malaysia, May 9 to March 2

Pakatan Harapan has been slipping up in recent weeks, including in Semenyih where it lost.

Tribunal reserves judgment over misconduct of ex-EC members

The panel is told by assisting officers that the case against the six men has been rendered academic by their resignations.

Why set up tribunal when EC members have resigned, asks lawyer

R Kengadharan says the former EC members may have a cause of action against the government for trying them even though they have vacated their office.

2019 brings new hopes and new expectations

Those who had voted for change in GE14 need to remember that they are in this together. It is early days yet and PH is still a work in progress.

I have no regrets, says Liow

The outgoing MCA president delivers a heartfelt parting message to delegates.

Court nullifies MIC’s election win in Cameron Highlands

The High Court, sitting as an election court, says the petitioner has proven beyond reasonable doubt that money was given to voters during the election period.

‘Sweet talk’ in manifesto wasn’t the clincher in PH victory, analysts...

Political analysts dismiss former prime minister Najib Razak's claim that Pakatan Harapan would not have won if it had been 'truly honest' in its election manifesto.

Najib: Yes, I called Anwar on May 9

However, the former prime minister says this was normal and he had always been in communication with the PKR leader.

Najib: PH wouldn’t have won GE14 if it had been honest...

The former PM says PH lacked moral integrity by making promises it could not fulfil.

Our own people tried to reject our success in GE14, says...

The prime minister says there were also attempts to get PH's Malay elected representatives to cross over to Umno and PAS.

‘Don’t make country’s debts an excuse not to fulfil PH manifesto’

Kedah PKR delegate tells ministers to honour promises made in 14th general election.

I’m not a thief, robber or crook, says Najib

The former prime minister says he has never lied about the RM2.6 bil donation he received from the Saudi royal family.

Khairuddin files appeal on Jasin election outcome

The former Umno leader changes his mind after consulting his lawyers as there are issues for the Federal Court to decide.

Break manifesto promises and prepare for ‘Malaysia Lama’

Pakatan Harapan cannot compromise on promises which can easily be honoured in the manifesto.

Voting begins in PD by-election

Election Commission expects 70% of the 68,317 voters to cast their ballots as Anwar Ibrahim makes his play to become an MP.

Returning officer: I’m to blame for nomination day fiasco in Rembau

Amino Agos Suyub says he accepts the blame as he was the most senior officer in charge of the conduct of the election in the parliamentary seat.

PBRS will remain with BN for now, says Kurup

This is because the party has not received a response to its application to join Pakatan Harapan, says the party president and founder.

Ex-minister Nancy out to ensure no repeat of ‘scary May 9’...

The three-term Batang Sadong MP talks about the new Sarawak ruling alliance and the challenges ahead.

Greater powers for all state chapters please, Umno told

An analyst says it could undermine the Umno president's powers, but it doesn't mean anything when the party is rejected by the people.

Court affirms Umno’s victory in 3 Perak state seats

It declares Khairuddin Tarmizi, Mohd Azhar Jamaluddin and Jurij Jalaludin as the duly elected assemblymen for Hutan Melintang, Changkat Jong and Lubuk Merbau.