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Tag: GE14KL

Praba of Batu has joined PKR, says Tian Chua

Law student who was elected as an independent candidate after Tian Chua's disqualification fills up the forms to be PKR member.

For BN’s Loga, it’s do or die in Segambut

The deputy federal territories minister defends prioritising of the city's poor.

What KL’s more affluent voters want

City folks want a DBKL that listens to their concerns, better security and well-maintained parks.

Najib blew chance to win over Wangsa Maju, says PKR candidate

Tan Yee Kew says the prime minister failed to clear the air on national issues such as the 1MDB scandal during his recent ceramah in the constituency.

Voters miss Rafizi, will stick with Wan Azizah

Praise for Rafizi's hard work and brilliant ideas, respect for PKR president Wan Azizah's years of experience.

PH’s Fahmi upbeat despite 10,000 cops moved into voting pool

He says BN can't be sure all the police personnel in Lembah Pantai will vote for it.

Tian Chua: I will support a non-BN candidate if I can’t...

He says the offer is open to any of the three non-BN candidates in Batu.

BN hasn’t won Batu yet, warns Gerakan chief

Still a four-cornered fight after Tian Chua's disqualification and there's work to be done, says Mah.

Tian Chua: BN ‘dirty tactics’ to bar him in Batu

Tian Chua says the Election Commission's decision was an insult to the judicial system.

No place for Zouk if we win Titiwangsa, says PAS

The Islamist party's candidate blames the popular entertainment outlet in the heart of city for causing traffic congestion and social ills.

Kerana Rina, PPBM bergolak di Titiwangsa

Pencalonan ketua Wanita PPBM itu dipersoal pemimpin akar umbi di kawasan Parlimen itu yang dimenangi BN dengan majoriti tipis.

PKR: Umno split in Lembah Pantai over China-printed banners?

PKR communications director says BN banners have been trimmed off at the bottom, where the name of the printer in China previously appeared.

Decision tomorrow on BN’s choice for Setiawangsa seat

An Umno source says it will be either Ahmad Fauzi Zahari or Zulhasnan Rafique and that BN badly wants to retain the seat.

Rizalman: Umno boleh menang di Bdr Tun Razak kerana usaha saya...

Ketua Umno Bandar Tun Razak berkata hasil usaha beliau di kawasan itu menjadikan kerusi Parlimen itu lebih berpotensi dimenangi Barisan Nasional pada PRU akan datang.

Shahrizat to contest in Bandar Tun Razak

Umno Supreme Council member says a letter of authorisation will likely be issued next week but adds that there are reservations about how the NFC issue will affect her chances.