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Teng urged to stay on to lead Penang Gerakan

Penang Gerakan describes Teng as its “spiritual leader” and argues for collective responsibility for the party’s defeat in GE14.

We all have the same pains as Malaysians, says Rafidah

Former minister says she was also moved by DAP’s move to drop its famous rocket symbol for the sake of PH unity.

At 70, Shariff Omar is all geared up for Penang assembly

Former Umno stalwart dreams of big win for PH in Permatang Berangan that will enable him to share his vast experience once again.

Di Penaga, pengundi kecewa akan undi BN dan PAS

Ia bagi menunjukkan rasa tidak puas hati mereka terhadap tindakan SPR menolak pencalonan wakil PH, Yaakob Osman atas alasan muflis.

Pilihan banyak, tetapi Permatang Pauh kekal setia dengan Anwar

BN dapat menembusi kubu kuat PKR itu menerusi sumbangan oleh calonnya.

In Penaga, frustrated voters will mark X for both BN and...

The entry of Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the side of Pakatan Harapan in the polls has swayed ground sentiments towards the opposition.

Spoilt for choice, Permatang Pauh remains nostalgic over Anwar

However, Barisan Nasional has made significant inroads in the PKR bastion, courting voters through the generosity of its candidate.

Kasthuri Patto: Mums coming forward to demand accountable govt

The Batu Kawan DAP incumbent says presence of mothers at rallies, ceramahs and walkabouts show their desire for an end to corruption and abuse of power.

Teng: BN manifesto is based on the people’s demands

Tanjung Bunga candidate questions Pakatan's sincerity, with 51 pledges unfulfilled in the past 10 years.

Daim: I know stories, don’t provoke me

Ex-finance minister and Mahathir ally fires a warning shot at BN leaders, mentioning "cows" and Sharizat Jalil by name.

Najib knocks Pakatan’s game of election crowds

BN chairman: We don't need to bring busloads of people, unlike Pakatan's political game to create an illusion of strength.

Najib: Is it my fault too if cats don’t give birth?

At election meeting in Penang, BN chairman questions why he is being blamed for the failure of Mahathir's bakery business.

PKR’s Mustafa wins hearts in the face of death

He's become a familiar face to voters in Butterworth by lending a supporting hand to families grieving at their loss.

‘Dr M and Anwar’ make surprise appearance at Penang market

Former foes 'shake hands' before the Friday lunch crowd to show they have buried the hatchet.

Teng shocked over Guan Eng’s ‘no bald hills’ remark

Penang BN chief offers chief minister a pair of glasses, says one can just go online to view satellite images and other pictures of Penang's bald hills.

Calon tampan PPBM menawan hati Bertam

Khaliq Mehtab Mohd Ishak muka baru dalam dunia politik tetapi ketampanan dan kebolehan bertutur dialek Hokkien menjadikan beliau kegemaran warga Bertam.

‘Mr Handsome’ turns on the charm in Bertam

Khaliq Mehtab Mohd Ishaq may be the underdog but he is fast winning over voters with his looks and fluent Hokkien.

DAP man agrees with Koh: Time to end one-party dominance

While Koh was referring to ending DAP's domination in Penang, Zairil Khir Johari wants to defeat BN at the federal level.

I cried for 2 days straight, says PPBM hopeful declared a...

State PPBM information chief Yaakob Osman says he was shocked when he was denied candidacy in Penaga.

Unhappy with Penang leadership, state PKR Youth chief quits

He was also unhappy that PKR gave up the Bertam state seat to PPBM.

Let civil servants vote how they want, urges Kasthuri Patto

The Batu Kawan incumbent wants government to openly tell civil servants they have nothing to fear over how they vote.

Penang BN wants Putrajaya to intervene in hill slope project issue

BN leader says approval for such a mammoth project on a dangerous hill slope in Batu Ferringhi only courts trouble.

Penang fishermen impose 11 demands for their support

They reject any new reclamation projects.

Zairil grilled by condo residents in Batu Ferringhi

Residents unhappy with non-committal stance taken by DAP’s Tanjung Bungah candidate.