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PAS proposes Muslim-led unity government in Perak

Hadi Awang calls for an all-party government, where the menteri besar and majority of Exco must be Muslim.

Mah lodges police report over citizenship status query

The Teluk Intan incumbent says Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming had an ulterior motive in asking him to clarify if he had applied to be a permanent resident in Australia.

Teluk Intan folk want BN’s Mah to stay on

However, the older residents fear younger voters may be looking for a change.

Zahid: Opposition has failed to bring development to Hutan Melintang

He says 40ha of estate land will be developed into new town called Bandar Baru UP with 5,000 homes.

Let’s win this in style, Zahid urges BN campaigners

BN deputy chairman says opposition are 'concealing something' and sounds a warning about last-minute attacks.

PKR defies Zahid’s influence, stays upbeat about state seat

PKR candidate Manivannan Govindasamy says he will be alert for any moves by Barisan Nasional to wrest back the state seat.

Denied ballot check, PKR man files police ​report

Manivannan Govindasamy claims he was not ​allowed to enter Hutan Melintang police station after a ballot box from an army camp was brought in.

BN man hopes Kampar bird sanctuary will create more jobs

MCA vice-president Lee Chee Leong says a 80-hectare plot of land near Kampar would be used, and hopes local people will use this opportunity to bring in more tourists.

Unlikely for PH to win Perak, say analysts

Stumbling blocks in Pakatan's way include redelineation, lack of strong Malay leaders in the state, and infighting.

‘Just 5% shift will give Perak to Pakatan’

Businessman Koon Yew Yin says Perak people are unhappy with Zambry Abdul Kadir's state government.

Tough for PKR to retain Kuala Sepetang

This time around, BN is fielding a candidate from Umno instead of Gerakan in the Malay-majority constituency.

Orang Asli Behrang bosan janji kosong BN, kata calon PH

Aminuddin Zulkipli berkata masyarakat Orang Asli itu dijanjikan tanah bergenerasi lalu tapi tidak ditunaikan.

Mulut Nazri bantu saya raih undi, kata calon PKR

Calon PKR di Parlimen Padang Rengas, Ejazi Yahaya berkata orang Melayu dan Cina marah dengan Nazri Aziz yang menghina Dr Mahathir dan hartawan, Robert Kuok.

Nazri’s mouth will push votes to me, says PKR rival

PKR's Padang Rengas candidate Ejazi Yahaya says the Malays and Chinese are angry with Nazri Aziz for insulting Dr Mahathir and billionaire Robert Kuok.

Kuala Kangsar traders fret over dwindling sales

Customers are becoming fewer with locals going elsewhere to work, say vendors at a night market.

Inspired by UK stint, Zul looks to boost tourism in Padang...

Zulkarnine Hashim, PPBM's Lubok Merbau candidate, believes the reconciliation between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim will also help the opposition.

Let the you​th​ shape Kuala Kangsar, says Umno’s Mastura Yazid

The Kuala Kangsar incumbent believes she has shown her capabilities in the constituency over the past two years.

A kuey teow seller, scrap metal dealer and carpenter on what...

They want a representative who will speak up on national issues like 1MDB and the GST.

No internal problem in Padang Rengas, says PKR candidate

Two division committee members say the party has chosen the wrong candidate.

PKR man confident of wresting Bukit Chandan from BN

Mohamad Imran Hamid expects to benefit from the mixed nature of the seat as well as the appeal of PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad to former civil servants.

Nazri: No, Umno isn’t killing off components

The Umno Supreme Council member says it is all a matter of strategy.

Minister slams Mahathir for jet conspiracy theories

Hamzah Zainudin says commercial flights also suffer delays in the interest of safety if caused by technical problems.

Money, food and girlfriend: Nga goes for the heart

Perak DAP chief reaches out to voters with a light-hearted message spoken in Tamil at a ceramah in Kampung Jambu.

Nga says Umno is killing off its BN partners

Accused of turning Perak Malays against opposition, he denies practicising 'politics of hate' and says he speaks of reforms.