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Upko quit BN to be free of Umno’s grip, says Tangau

The Upko leader and deputy chief minister suggests Umno should leave Sabah and operate in a more suitable place, such as the peninsula.

More Umno members, leaders will support Warisan, says Sabah rep

Umno’s Kemabong assemblyman Jamawi Jaafar says he is not joining PH or its components, only supporting Warisan in Sabah.

Former rep criticises appointment of second Sabah CM

'Sabah is once again in a constitutional crisis that could have been avoided if the head of state had not appointed two chief ministers within days of each other,' says James Ligunjang.

When Pairin won, but was left waiting at the palace gates

In 1994, PBS won a keenly-fought contest against a BN backed by Mahathir Mohamad, but lost power after defections from his party.

Shafie’s options: sue or oust Musa by assembly vote

Former judge Gopal Sri Ram reviews the predicament of Warisan chief Shafie Apdal after Sabah governor appoints Musa Aman as chief minister.

Yet another twist in Sabah politics as 2 BN reps visit...

Two Umno assemblymen arrive at Shafie’s residence for talks, less than 24 hours after Sabah BN chief Musa Aman was sworn-in as chief minister.

Ex-sweetheart Jeffrey feels the heat

After winning two seats at the general election, he had been expected to back Warisan and 'Sabah Ubah' but switched sides.

Jeffrey confirms talks on Sabah-based coalition

Talks being held with Musa Aman about BN -friendly Sabah assemblymen to be independent of control from KL, says STAR president

Sabah BN assemblymen may go local, ditch Umno

Kadamaian assemblyman Ewon Benedick says discussions have been held about either forming a new local party or uniting everyone under PBS.

Yong laughs off claims he’s been ‘missing’ in Kota Kinabalu

I’ve been around city area and I’m not invisible, says SAPP president Yong Teck Lee.

Najib dismisses Daim and Rafidah as ‘veterans and pensioners’

The prime minister also warned Rafidah not to adopt a 'holier than thou' attitude.

Lajim: Gabungan Sabah government will bring ‘super development’

The Klias incumbent says a Gabungan Sabah government would be committed to implementing the return and distribution of the 40% net revenue to all Sabahans.

Ex-DO: I got orders not to give briefing to Shafie at...

He said the briefing was then held at the Umno office.

SAPP only consistent local Sabah opposition party, says Yong

It is unlike national opposition parties such as DAP, which he says has made many about-turns.

Why isn’t Mahathir visiting Sabah to tell us his plans, asks...

The Kimanis parliamentary candidate challenged the Pakatan Harapan leader to explain to Sabahans why he must be made the prime minister again.

BN gives RM600 special aid to padi farmers in Sabah

The government is aware of the challenges faced by them, including floods, drought and pests, says Yahya Hussin.

BN leaders here for the long haul, says Musa

Sabah BN leader criticises opposition politicians for only appearing at election time once in five years.

Media dishonest about Warisan, says Shafie

The Warisan president says some media intentionally give wrong perception about the situation in state.

Mahathir a liability for Sabah PH, says SAPP

SAPP’s Richard Yong says Sabahans suffered from poor infrastructure and drain of revenue from resources when Mahathir was prime minister.

Anifah plans varsity campus for Kimanis

BN candidate says he is concerned about youth unemployment and will create job opportunities and develop small industries.

PKR’s Nicholas Bawin hopes to be third time lucky

Internal strife in BN component party and a newcomer opponent may give Bawin more confidence after two previous attempts.

PAS man: Amend Islamic law to avoid Indira Gandhi cases

Hamid Ismail says Sabah enactment should be reviewed to avoid clashes between the shariah courts and civil courts.

Blame yourself for not having safe seats in Sabah, SAPP tells...

SAPP’s Melanie Chia says DAP had previously fielded several candidates in Sabah who changed parties to the chagrin of voters.

PCS quitters showing their true colours now, says Bumburing

The PCS president says all parties suffer the same fate every election because of disputes over candidate selection.