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‘Small boy’ SUPP can offer Sibu nothing, says DAP’s Oscar Ling

Sibu incumbent Oscar Ling says an MP representing BN will only become a yes-man in Parliament.

Activist uses his wits to stay in polls race

Independent candidate Jufazli Shi Ahmad switches seats to take on Sabah BN top gun Raymond Tan and a DAP candidate.

Musa Aman says Shafie being childish about Najib visits

Sabah BN chief says it's normal for leaders to pay frequent visits because Sabah is a large state.

Musa Aman: Jika Shafie kuat, mengapa bimbang Najib datang

Lawatan lebih dari sekali oleh kepimpinan BN ke Sabah perkara biasa dalam tempoh ini memandangkan saiz negeri itu, kata ketua BN Sabah.

Sabah’s 13 new seats: SAPP files appeal against court’s judgment

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee says court is wrong in saying issue has become academic because Parliament has been dissolved.

No Jumat? No problem, says Warisan’s Sepanggar candidate

Sepanggar Warisan candidate Mohd Azis Jamman concedes he'd fare better if incumbent Sepanggar MP Jumat Idris had decided to leave Umno and join Warisan, but is nonetheless confident he will win.

5 Parti Cinta Sabah leaders quit party

They claim they have become disillusioned with the way party is moving, resulting in them losing confidence in the leaders.

Analyst: Little chance of Shafie winning Sabah

Political scientist says the chances would only improve if Shafie himself can unite the Kadazandusun and Bajau communities.

SAPP acts on malicious statements against party

Party president Yong Teck Lee says the party will no longer underestimate smear tactics used against it, having learned a bitter lesson in the 2013 polls.

What ‘change’ with Dr M at the helm, scoffs PBS man

PBS vice-president Radin Malleh says the opposition's call for change could mean the return of Dr Mahathir's 'tyrannical rule' over Sabahans.

Does Shafie want to sell off state land, asks Musa

Chief Minister Musa Aman explains that communal title lands were created so that all natives can own land.

Shafie dismisses Najib’s warning Sabah will suffer without BN

There's no Umno in Sarawak and Penang, yet these two states are doing well with plenty of benefits for the people, says Warisan president.

Pairin diperlukan untuk kuatkan BN, kata Musa

Ketua menteri Sabah mengakui presiden PBS mempunyai sokongan kuat di kawasan pedalaman yang akan membantu BN pada pilihan raya.

Hackers from KL targeting us, says SAPP

The party's deputy president Melanie Chia says there have been attempts to get into the party’s Google account.

‘Onsoi’ to victory, Musa tells Sabah BN members

Sabah chief minister urges party members to embrace the word, saying even PM Najib Razak now knows its significance.

Warisan denies exodus of hundreds in Sandakan

Warisan secretary-general Loretto Padua Jr also denies that 1,000 Warisan members in Kimanis left the party on Sunday.

DAP has always fought for Sabah’s rights, says Guan Eng

Only Pakatan Harapan can deliver what Sabah rightfully deserves, he says.

Shafie wanted CM’s post, says Najib

The prime minister says Shafie Apdal may hold a grudge against him because his wish to contest a state seat in Sabah was not granted five years ago.

Najib woos Chinese voters with UEC pledge

The prime minister has promised to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate if the community gives BN a strong mandate.

Sabah PH candidates will jump ship again, warns Yong

The SAPP president claims voters were eager to “slaughter the kataks” (frogs).

Calon bebas dakwa kemiskinan Kadazandusun Murut ‘dahsyat’

Bekas adun Bingkor di bawah Parlimen Keningau, Justin Guka mendakwa semua parti majoriti KDM dari BN dan 2 parti pembangkang lebih mementingkan kuasa daripada keperitan rakyat.

Warisan exodus shows party can’t fulfil promises, says Musa

State Umno chief and Sabah CM Musa Aman received 754 membership forms from Warisan members who left the party to join Umno.

Warisan’s challenger in Tambunan shrugs off traitor label as ‘unrealistic’

Pairin’s brother-in-law Justin Alip says times have changed and the wishes and aspirations of the public need to be heeded.

BN’s Nasir Sakaran confident of defending Senallang

He is confident despite facing a challenged from Parti Warisan Sabah president Mohd Shafie Apdal.