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BN always fulfils its promises, says Najib

He says the opposition not only failed to fulfil its manifesto but also made the states governed by it worse than before.

PAS’ Norsah sees divine sign of victory

She notes that her party's registration numbers for contests in Batu Sapi, when put together, become 114, the number of chapters in the Quran.

Penampang’s Mandela hails Sabah BN’s youthful GE14 line-up

Ceasar Mandela Malakun thanks Najib for including younger faces in the BN line-up in Sabah.

Sabahans should back local parties to fight for state rights, says...

SAPP supremo Yong Teck Lee says the party is not beholden to any political master and will be free to fight for Sabah and the people without having to refer to Malaya, unlike PH and BN.

Calon STAR anggap 4 penjuru beri kelebihan

Kong Fui Seng berkata undi penyokong Umno dan Warisan sudah berpecah manakala undi bagi STAR tetap kekal.

SAPP newcomer hopes to keep his school’s tradition alive

The La Salle secondary school in Kota Kinabalu is known to produce a long line of illustrious state and national leaders.

Heavyweights face off in hot seat Semporna

Warisan leader Shafie Apdal goes for a sixth term, with opposition from state assistant finance minister Ramlee Marahaban.

Jo-Anna’s debut gets off with a nail-biting start

Parti Warisan's youngest candidate prepares to hit the campaign trail after a stressful wait to be confirmed.

Stay in BN, Rahman urges dropped Jumat

We are all part of the family, says BN candidate, pledging to continue Jumat's legacy and all his plans for Sepanggar.

Shafie faces 4-way fight and a cousin

Warisan president Shafie Apdal and cousin Nasir Sakaran face off in Senallang after PHRS candidate is rejected.

Musa faces two challengers in Sungai Sibuga

Sabah BN chief hails smooth nomination procedure as proof of Malaysian democratic process.

GE14: Brothers to battle it out in Tambunan

It's a family affair with the two brothers, Pairin (BN) and Jeffrey Kitingan (STAR), and their brother-in-law from Warisan battling it out for the seat.

Musa slams Shafie’s plan to end ‘communal titles’

Sabah chief minister says Warisan president only using it now for political mileage when he knows how scheme had benefited native communities since 2010.

Change not always a good thing, Musa tells Sabahans

State BN chairman Musa Aman says Selangor, Penang and Kelantan are still lacking in many ways.

Catholic priest named to stand for Parliament

Fr Bruno Yasun among 27 on PCS-Anak candidate list, slated to contest in Ranau while on sabbatical from his parish.

Shafie pledges RM100mil youth plan and land reform

Parti Warisan Sabah manifesto promises to overhaul the civil service, remove the cabotage policy, recognise UEC and defend Malaysia Agreement rights.

Balung candidate vows to win over Tawau Umno protesters

Kalabakan-born Osman Jamal says members of BN parties should be more open to accepting whoever the party’s top leadership decides to nominate as candidates.

Opposition supporters in Sabah will turn to BN, says confident Umno...

We don’t underestimate the opposition but their supporters are our friends and we believe most of them will eventually support BN, says Kemabong candidate Jamawi Jaafar.

Umno: ‘Anak palsu Musa’ terbabit dakwaan nepotisme

Bendahari Umno Sabah berkata, ada orang secara licik menggugurkan 'h' daripada nama terakhir Matbali Musah untuk menjadikan anak Musa.

Pairin: I took decision to stand in Tambunan with a heavy...

The 77-year-old former chief minister will once again defend seat he has represented continuously since 1976.

Salleh yakin pengundi Kota Belud terus setia pada BN

Calon BN di Parlimen Kota Belud itu berjanji akan meneruskan usaha baik yang dilaksanakan penyandang, Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

Umno: ‘Fake Musa son’ in nepotism claim

Someone deviously changed the spelling of Matbali's name to make him appear to be Musa's son, says party official.

Salleh confident Kota Belud voters will stay with BN

He pledges to continue the good work done by incumbent Abdul Rahman Dahlan in Kota Belud.

Veteran rep Nasir Sakaran banking on teamwork to beat Warisan

The six-term assemblyman shrugs off the expected strong opposition in Semporna, saying it is normal in politics.