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Reign of ‘untouchables’ is over, says Sarawak reform group

MoCS backs state PH leader Chong Chieng Jen's stand against allowing BN parties like PBB into state Pakatan coalition.

Sarawak PH rejects any move for PBB tie-up

We fought so hard against the corrupt regime, it would be like taking Umno into Pakatan, says Chong.

PKR underdog Willie Mongin has better chance in Puncak Borneo

This is because the BN has fielded a newcomer and there is talk of a split among PPB members in the constituency over the BN’s choice of candidate.

SUPP’s Kho: I’m not naïve, I know Kuching is a DAP...

The political newbie knows her struggle will be tough but wants to work with government to solve flood problems in Kuching.

Ex-MP tells why he now backs DAP man

Patrick Uren says he stayed out to enable Mordi Bimol to engage in a straight fight with BN's Anthony Nogeh.

Baru Bian ‘brings BN windfall for Selangau’

Sarawak PKR chairman's candidacy resulted in BN announcing millions to be spent on bazaar, better roads and new sports complex, says party source.

Why I’m back in Sarawak for GE14

Those of us who’ve been overseas and who’ve seen how well other nations are governed have a duty to perform: to return home to vote so as to bring about change for the better.

A mountain to climb for STAR, Peace Party candidates in Sibu

Locals, who expect the battle for Sibu to be between BN and DAP, say the smaller parties do not stand a chance but add meaning to the democratic process.

Fight for Sarikei too close to call

It is hard to predict which way voters will swing as the seat has changed hands with very low majorities in both of the past two elections.

Little-known Peace Party makes debut in Sarawak

Two women contesting as its candidates in Bandar Sibu and Lanang.

Riot’s opponents face uphill task in Serian

Richard Riot is able to draw on federal resources and may be too well-entrenched for the opposition to shake at this point.

DAP man not taking things for granted in Bandar Kuching

DAP candidate for Kuching Kelvin Yii says GE14 is a battle between the people of Malaysia against corruption.

Sarawak PKR head Baru Bian to stand in Selangau

Dr Michael Teo will be defending the Miri parliamentary seat, the sole seat held by PKR in Sarawak.

No room for traitors in PRS, says Masing

Sarawak deputy chief minister explains reason for sacking of five party leaders, including his deputy Joseph Entulu, on Sunday.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak pastikan anasir khianat tak wujud dalam parti

Presidennya Tan Sri James Masing menyifatkan tindakan beliau memecat timbalan serta naib presiden parti Ahad lepas adalah wajar.

3 muka baru untuk DAP di Sarawak

Pengerusi DAP Sarawak Chong Chien Jen akan berpindah ke Stampin.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak pecat 5 pemimpin termasuk 1 menteri

Presiden PRS, James Masing berkata, parti itu tidak akan bertolak ansur dengan ahli yang mempersoalkan keputusan parti.

Taib Mahmud’s daughter faces resistance over Mukah candidacy

Posters and banners rejecting Hanifah Taib have been publicly displayed in Mukah and a petition sent to the prime minister.

Saratok stays with PDP, newbie Subeng to do battle

Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) gets to defend all its four seats in Sarawak.

PBB expected to win every seat it vies for

But that doesn't mean the opposition will give it a free ride.

PH to decide if sole PKR MP in Sarawak will defend...

This follows DAP's call to have him replaced.

Sarawak BN to launch manifesto on Monday

Abang Johari says RM2 billion pledged for better telecommunications in Sarawak and Sabah.

SUPP’S Dr Sim should do a ‘Lee San Choon’

Political observers say Dr Sim Kui Hian should do what the former MCA leader did and take the fight to DAP in its Bandar Kuching stronghold.

Uphill battle for opposition in Batang Sadong

Incumbent Nancy Shukri has spent 10 years building a strong grassroots following in Batang Sadong, and any opposition candidate will have a tough time overturning the GE13 results.