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The new Proton Iriz is desirable on many levels

From its looks to its price to its first-in-class features and spirited drive, the new Iriz will give its competition a run for its money.

Jomo tells how to cash in on China ties

Malaysia must be an equal partner and not a pawn, says government adviser.

Strange that Geely is not selling new Protons in China

Although the Chinese car market is moving fast into electric car ownership, there is still a huge consumer base for compact cars over there.

Geely Bo Rui GE’s amazing 1,200 km drive on a 1-fuel...

With a rated highway fuel economy of 4.3L/100km, the Bo Rui GE has become the most fuel-efficient sedan in its segment.

Geely ‘no’, BMW ‘yes’ to electric vehicles in Malaysia but why?

This question deserves an answer especially since our PM wants a national car programme that is fully electric.

Daimler and Geely to develop next generation Smart car

Under the agreement, the new vehicle will go on global sale in 2022.

Geely says 2018 net profit climbs 18%

The company is China's most globally high-profile car maker thanks to the Geely group's investments in European manufacturers Volvo and Daimler.

Proton plans to make profits this year, says CEO

Li Chunrong also hopes to invite 17 foreign vendors to set up plants in Tanjung Malim, bringing in RM217 million in investment for Malaysia.

Pengedar: Jualan kenderaan Proton mengalakkan, raih pelbagai manfaat

Proton mendaftarkan jualan sebanyak 7,007 unit pada Januari 2019, dengan SUV X70 penyumbang penting dalam meningkatkan prestasi jualan.

Proton vehicle sales up, we are benefitting, say dealers

Proton dealers with upgraded service centres claim they are reaping the rewards from the increased sale of the new X70.

Hi Proton… best sales pitch ever for a car

The vehicle's most pronounced feature - its hands-free operations for a number of functions thanks to advanced voice recognition software.

Dr M harap Proton-Geely keluarkan kereta Malaysia sebenar

Perdana menteri berkata Proton perlu terus berkembang maju dan turut serta membangunkan model baharu.

Geely, China aerospace firm agree to work on supersonic trains

China runs the world's longest high-speed rail line and is looking to build its own supersonic transport network.

Over 10,000 bookings received for Proton X70 SUV

Of the total bookings, nearly 2,000 were made online.

Daimler seals ride-hailing deal with China’s Geely

The two companies will enter the hotly-contested ride-hailing market in China, where top provider Didi Chuxing is used by hundreds of millions of people and muscled out Silicon Valley-based Uber in 2016.

Geely perbetul khabar angin tentang hubungan keluarga dengan presiden China

Nama isteri pengerusi Geely, Li Shufu ialah Li Wang, yang merupakan pemilik bersama sejumlah 4.9 juta saham dalam syarikat tersebut.

Proton to bring in RM170 mil investment via vendor agreements

Proton chairman Syed Faisal Albar says the investment amount is expected to multiply over the years in tandem with the growth of Proton's manufacturing volume.

Proton adds Egypt to its export destinations in 2018

The first shipment in three years will reach Cairo on Oct 6.

From Proton Saga to Geely: A Malaysian failure

Despite getting RM360 billion and government protection, Proton failed to survive. In the end, it was taken over by a Chinese company that did not even exist in 1985.

China’s Geely puts brakes on Volvo Cars listing, trade war a...

Geely had been planning a public float that could have valued the Swedish carmaker at between $16 billion and $30 billion, a separate source familiar with the matter has said.

Toyota says in talks with Geely on cooperation in hybrid vehicle...

Toyota said in a statement to Reuters that it and Geely are currently "communicating with each other" about gasoline-electric hybrid technology.

Third national car: Spot on about hook-up with LYNK & Co

Malaysia can be manufacturing hub for right-hand drive vehicles thereby enabling easy sales access to Asean, Australia and New Zealand.

The CX-9 best shows Mazda’s strengths

The vehicle is exceptionally well proportioned, has an interior with lots of design flair and nice materials, and is truly fun to drive.

Najib: New JV pact between Proton, Geely, proves I was right

The former prime minister says Dr Mahathir Mohamad now seems to be very happy over the Proton-Geely partnership despite previously condemning it.