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Tag: gender equality

Avengers’ Zoe Saldana: a superhero battling female stereotypes

Saldana does not like being characterised by her race or sex and is raising her children in a gender-neutral environment.

Here’s how to ensure gender equality, women’s group tells govt

WAO says Putrajaya must work harder so that women can participate in society in safety and with equality.

Have merit quotas so women can rise up corporate ladder, says...

Noor Farida Ariffin says flexible working hours, childcare facilities and re-entry arrangements are key to increasing women’s participation in the workforce.

British banks commit to invest more in women entrepreneurs

Only one in three entrepreneurs in Britain is female, equivalent to over a million 'missing' businesses overall.

Gender parity at work only possible if men do more at...

If current trends keep up, it will likely take more than 200 years to bridge the gender gap.

US, UK still far behind on women’s equality in workplace

US ranks 23rd while the UK is 13th on PricewaterhouseCoopers' annual ranking of the representation and welfare of women in the workplace.

Women cricketers get on Lord’s honours board

Anya Shrubsole's six-wicket hail against India in the World Cup final will now be included in the Lord's honours board

Berlin festival aims for gender equality with half of films by...

Out of the 400 films to be screened at this year's Berlinale, almost half have female directors.

Use our report as guide to improve women’s rights, activists tell...

Putrajaya should respond positively to a report on the status of women's rights in Malaysia, say women's rights groups.

Stop female circumcision, it has no medical benefit, say women’s groups

It is nothing more than a cultural tradition says Sisters in Islam, while another NGO says it perpetuates a ‘harmful ideology’.

Want more seats in Parliament? Fight for them, women urged

Constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari says equality is fundamental to the constitution and it would be difficult to give special treatment to women.

#MeToo takes fight for gender equality to new heights

The #MeToo movement went global as women shared their stories of harassment or gender-based discrimination.

Bills of concern to women languishing, says Maria

Petaling Jaya MP says the Sexual Harassment Act was first drafted 10 years ago but is now 'sitting on somebody’s table'.

We’re in a polygamous marriage and it’s wonderful, 4 women tell...

The four working women, who look upon it as a religious obligation, say they have more time to pursue their careers or hobbies.

Women shouldn’t be mere ‘quota fillers’, says Rafidah

The former minister says gender equality goes beyond numbers.

Women pilots fly against cockpit prejudices

Role models remain few and far between for women wanting to enter the cockpit, rather than serve the onboard drinks, despite a huge shortage of pilots worldwide.

Motion Picture Academy announces record recruitment

The proportion of people of colour doubled in the same period, but started from a low bar of just 8%.

World’s biggest advertiser P&G to hire more female directors

The world’s biggest advertiser wants women directors for at least half of its product commercials by 2023, up from about one in 10 today.

Women mount Yes-We-Can gender campaign in run-up to EU elections

The empowerment of women is slated to be a major campaign theme along with other emotive issues such as immigration, unemployment, security and the bloc’s post-Brexit future.

Youngest female leader blazes trail for Women with baby due

As the first country where women fought for and won the right to vote, there is no reason why she shouldn’t continue to be a leader, says Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter.

Microsoft’s worker-friendly image faces court challenge by women

The women allege the company paid them less than men, stalled career advancement and froze them out following maternity leave.

Talk show insults highlight need for more protection

The new Pakatan Harapan government should bring women's rights and gender equality to the forefront.

Talk show host: I couldn’t hear what the man said

Faizal Ismail says he apologised immediately to Nurul Izzah on listening to the playback of caller's remarks.

Anti-Nurul ‘breast’ remarks prompts call for gender law

Maria Chin: Talk show caller's remarks amount to sexual harrassment, it's time for Gender Equality Act to be brought into place.