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Tag: gender equality

WAO: Ease the way to justice for women who suffer discrimination

The proposed bill on gender equality should ensure the intent of the law is realised, says the NGO.

Putrajaya to draft bill on gender equality

Minister Rohani Abdul Karim says this will help eliminate discrimination and uphold the equality enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

‘Crown’ star’s pay reignites debate on gender inequality

Ever since the taboo on salaries was lifted, stories of unfairness have been unveiled with alarming frequency.

Spanish women stage unprecedented strike for rights

The nationwide strike was called by 10 unions in defense of gender equality, especially with regard to the wage gap.

MP: Malaysia 50 years behind Iceland in women’s empowerment

Kasthuri Patto says federal government leaders must push for better funding for women-related programmes.

No Malaysian should be left behind, says Najib

The PM wants equitable development that will reach every individual as the nation makes its way to becoming an advanced economy.

Mata’s ‘Common Goal’ to use football for good

The Manchester United midfielder hopes to build the 'biggest football club in the world' that promotes education, gender equality.

It’s a man’s world: Women scarce in Nobel Prize annals

Approximately 95% of all Nobel Prizes ever awarded have gone to men.

Uganda shows way in giving importance to women in politics

Women now make up 35% of the total number of MPs in Uganda — which exceeds the global average of 23%.

Unilateral conversion: Two-thirds majority needed, PM says

Najib Razak tells women participants of a TN50 dialogue, two-thirds majority needed to amend Federal Constitution and push through ban on unilateral conversions.

Gender equality no link to GDP, says DAP rep

Damansara Utama assemblywoman, Yeo Bee Yin says we can be a rich country without women, but a richer country with women in politics and economy.

Male, not female bosses preferred in M’sia, S’pore, HK

Employees in the region, particularly females prefer male direct bosses, far surpassing the global average in a study conducted.

Women in senior positions up from 29% to 34%

However, Suaram remains highly critical of gender inequality in Parliament, with women accounting for only 10.4% of the total MPs.

At least 89 public-listed companies have women directors

Gender diversity policies are common in most companies in Bursa

Must wives be saviours of families as well as the economy?

Men and women should be given the same consideration when it comes to parenting responsibilities.

‘Muslim men who let women commit sins won’t enter paradise’

Perak Deputy Mufti Zamri Hashim admonishes “dayus” men who allow their women to go out in public without properly covering their bodies, or participate in beauty pageants

Public flogging proposal shows PAS still pushing for hudud

Wanita MCA chairman says public flogging as a form of punishment is not only a violation of human rights but contradicts the Federal Constitution and existing laws.

Gender stereotyping still a problem in Malaysia

Women continue to suffer decreased opportunities for equality in Malaysia, says Suhakam.