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Tag: General Election

Netanyahu mum on election results, says Israel needs ‘strong’ government

Exit polls from Tuesday's vote showed tight race with ex-military chief Benny Gantz.

No clash during polls, says Hadi after signing of charter with...

However, the PAS president says it is more important to work for the people now than to think of the elections.

PH duo agrees, coalition might be in trouble

DAP's Charles Santiago and PKR's Wong Chen speak of a failure to deliver systematic reforms, while analyst Wong Chin Huat says there may be a drop in voter turnout.

Defeated PKR candidate can appeal in any High Court in Malaya,...

The Federal Court says the election petition filed in Kuala Lumpur by Khairuddin Abu Hassan, defeated in Jasin, Melaka, in GE14, is proper.

Zahid: Suits filed against all Umno MPs who joined PPBM

Nothing personal, just party business, says Umno president Zahid Hamidi.

Cash will flow into Umno coffers before next GE, says Zahid

The Umno president says there are a lot of party sympathisers but they are not coming forward yet.

Consider women for Sabah’s proposed new state seats, says Upko

Upko Wanita chief Juliana Jali says the party has a number of qualified women leaders who are unable to contest in elections because of limited seats.

Social media attacks cost PAS at 2018 polls, says women’s leader

Leader of PAS Muslimat bemoans loss of opportunities at the general election.

No tribunal for ex-EC members

The case is academic, declares tribunal to investigate six former Election Commission members.

Yapeim chief Abibullah’s fate in hands of board, says Fuziah

Deputy minister expects 'appropriate action' to be taken after video shows director-general giving voting advice last year.

Sri Lanka president vows stability before general election

President Maithripala Sirisena assures his countrymen that he will 'eradicate terrorism' in the aftermath of Easter Sunday's suicide bombings before the country votes in its general election.

What became of reforms promised for GLCs, procurements, ask groups

C4, IDEAS are of the view that reforms are coming very slowly.

Australia GE set for May 18, says PM

Opinion polls show the ruling coalition trailing the opposition Labor party after 6 years in power and 2 prime ministers topped by internal party ructions.

The trials and triumphs of GE14, as seen by Kee Thuan...

Kee's book ‘The People’s Victory’ tells the story of how the people, frustrated with the BN government, rose up to take their destiny in their hands on May 9, 2018.

Surprise, suspicion in Thailand as pro-army party leads election race

Netizens are voicing their suspicions about the results of an election which critics say is skewed in favour of the military from the outset.

Thai markets expected to rise after pro-army party leads in election

The prospect of continuity should reduce uncertainty in Southeast Asia's 2nd-largest economy and encourage foreign fund inflows.

Thailand bans alcohol as 51 million voters prepare for election

The contest between these dominant forces is expected to play out again in Sunday’s election.

Democracy is for every day, not just elections

Otherwise, frustration and instability will begin building up again.

AG says ex-EC members cannot escape punishment despite resignations

Tommy Thomas says the outcome of the tribunal could also see the former EC members' pension being withdrawn.

Hsien Loong’s brother backs rival amid looming Singapore election

Lee Hsien Yang's comments come amid a bitter family dispute over the house of their father Lee Kuan Yew.

Thailand to hold general election on March 24

Political parties will submit lists of parliamentary candidates and up to 3 candidates for prime minister to the Election Commission.

And the Malaysian of the Year 2018 is…

Several outstanding individuals, political parties and even an investment fund that featured prominently in shaping pivotal events in the nation in 2018 can be considered for the title of Malaysian of the Year.

Myanmar by-election results “a lesson” for Suu Kyi’s party

The polls will not alter the balance of power but were seen as an early test ahead of a general election in 2020.

May: Snap election not in UK’s interest during Brexit talks

May's Conservatives and the main opposition Labour party are running largely neck and neck in opinion polls.