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Tag: General Elections

PAS and Umno negotiate seats for next general election

Collaboration between the two parties now includes negotiations for the polls, says Hadi Awang

Bersih wants tribunal established to investigate EC

The electoral watchdog plans to send a letter to Dr Mahathir Mohamad urging for the setting up of a tribunal to investigate the alleged misconduct of the Election Commission in GE14.

Pakistan announces general elections on July 25

The announcement comes as the current government enters its final week in office. It is expected to hand over power to a caretaker administration in the coming days.

PH Youth lodges report on alleged ‘voter shift’ in Permatang Pauh

The Youth leaders from Bukit Mertajam want probe into voice recording that police voters were allegedly shifted to Permatang Pauh.

Permatang Pauh still an Anwar fort, says PKR

They rebut Umno division chief Zaidi Mohd Said’s remarks that wresting the seat from PKR is no longer impossible.

Bersih slams EC for making more civil servants postal voters

The electoral watchdog claims the Election Commission gazetted civil servants in nine departments as postal voters unilaterally and quietly.

Zahid hints of GE14 after Chinese New Year

He reminds folks of Hutan Melintang not to repeat the mistake of the previous election.

Zahid to Gerakan: Floods a sign from God to retake Penang

Deputy prime minister says Barisan Nasional has shown it is ‘colour-blind’ in helping the people.

Selangor budget a cosmetic move for GE14, says BN rep

Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan says the budget merely repeats old achievements and what is already being implemented, with no new initiatives.

Lajim: Pakatan Harapan should stay out of polls in Sabah

The former deputy chief minister says the peninsula-based opposition coalition should let the local parties “mind our own business” as they share the goal of toppling the Barisan Nasional government.

Zahid: BN should avoid ‘talak tiga’ in Selangor

The deputy prime minister says the coming general election will provide the last chance for BN to win back Selangor after failing to do so in the last two general elections.

Anwar denies bribing judiciary, AGC claims by Umno opponent

He seeks a postponement of the defamation case fixed for hearing today stating he is to be hospitalised this week.

Zairil: Hadi’s remarks nonsensical

DAP MP says if Penang has really ignored the Muslim community in the state, there won't be Muslim councillors in the state government.

Amanah eyes 40 seats in GE14

Pakatan Harapan looks to give PAS 'the lead' in parliamentary seats in Kelantan and Terengganu, says Amanah communications director Khalid Samad.

We are not ‘hungry’ for posts, Amanah tells Azmin Ali

Amanah only wants recognition as a partner in Pakatan Harapan and not have to face red tape when dealing with PAS members.

DAP questions PAS’ sudden change of stand

PAS president's statement that the party will open its door to all those who wish to defeat BN has gotten the DAP confused.

Polls in March? That’s PM’s prerogative, says Salleh

Minister says Najib Razak is at present busy with 2017 Budget.

Wan Azizah: Opposition must be ready for snap polls

She says the challenge is being ready despite the uneven playing field.

Activist tells Opposition: Understand what voters want

Adrian Lim lists seven tips for the Opposition to get back into fighting shape.

Tradisi mengundi BN makin hilang – penganalisis politik

Perubahan trend mengundi tidak memihak kepada BN disebabkan media sosial dan proses urbanisasi.

Najib told to stop pussyfooting around in S’gor

Salleh Keruak says Najib has to speak up and be decisive if Umno is to win back Selangor from the opposition.

Let them lie, we’ll fight with facts and figures

PM reminds Gerakan delegates not to fall for the many lies Pakatan Rakyat tells.

Mah talks resignation, racism at AGM

Gerakan president says he is willing to resign if party cannot recoup losses in next GE.

Archived: I’m so sorry, Waytha tells Indians

The Hindraf leader and ex-deputy minister in the PM's Department concedes he is unable to fulfill any of the pledges he made prior to the 2013 General Election.