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Myanmar army to punish soldiers involved in Rohingya atrocities

Myanmar is facing growing international calls for accountability over the Rakhine campaign.

200,000 Rohingya rally to mark ‘Genocide Day’ in Bangladesh camps

The nearly one million Rohingya refugees who fled persecution in Myanmar in 2017 now live in three dozen squalid camps in Bangladesh's southeastern border district of Cox's Bazar.

Sudan’s Bashir got US$90 mil from Saudi royal family members

Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir faces a raft of charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide from the International Criminal Court over his role in the Darfur war.

Asean must not turn a blind eye to plight of Rohingya, groups...

The Rohingya issue, especially their repatriation from Bangladesh, is expected to be a major topic at the Asean summit in Thailand.

‘Dead livestock and water running out’ in Myanmar village under army...

Myanmar's armed forces are using heavy artillery against the AA, who are fighting for more autonomy for the state's ethnic Rakhine Buddhists.

‘We’ve ratified Genocide Convention which offers no sovereign immunity’

Critics are using false arguments to oppose Rome Statute, says former diplomat.

Rome Statute and the threat to our democracy

We are suddenly seeing demands that more and more issues be referred to the Agong or the rulers for their consent when the constitution itself does not mandate it.

Rulers open to prosecution since 1993, Rome Statute not to blame,...

Edmund Bon dismisses the claim that monarchs will lose immunity if the government ratifies the Rome Statute.

‘Rulers have nothing to fear from Rome Statute’

The Malay rulers are not part of the decision-making process, says Chandra Muzaffar.

Macron orders probe on French action during Rwanda genocide

Rwanda has accused France of being complicit in the genocide of an estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis.

Turkey condemns French declaration of Armenian genocide commemoration day

Turkish political spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that Macron is turning historic episodes into politics.

Macron declares April 24 commemoration day of Armenian genocide

Macron told the Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France that France was among the first nations to denounce the genocide of the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire.

US rights group calls for tribunal on crimes against Rohingya

The military in Myanmar, where Buddhism is the main religion, has denied past accusations that it had committed genocide against the Rohingya and says its actions were part of a fight against terrorism.

Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge committed genocide, court says in historic ruling

The hybrid court, which uses a mix of Cambodian and international law, was created with the backing of the UN in 2006 to try senior Khmer Rouge leaders.

Khmer Rouge leaders to face genocide verdict for first time

Many believe the decision will be the last for the tribunal, which has been marred by allegations of political interference.

Bangladesh, Myanmar to start returning Rohingya in November

Investigators have said senior Myanmar military officials should be prosecuted for genocide in Rakhine state, but the country has rejected these calls, insisting it was defending itself against militants.

The Rohingya crisis: Appoint Anwar as special envoy

Former ambassador suggests Anwar Ibrahim take the lead in new global campaign to stop the Rohingya genocide.

Rohingya crisis: UN has ‘no right to interfere’ says Myanmar army...

Myanmar's army chief Min Aung Hlaing says the UN has no right to interfere in the sovereignty of the country.

Redemption for Malaysia

The 'new Malaysia' must defend stateless people like the Rohingya and allow its laws and policies to be driven by conscience.

Myanmar rejects “false allegations” in UN genocide report

The UN report marked the first time the organisation has explicitly called for Myanmar officials to face genocide charges over a brutal crackdown on Rohingya Muslims last year.

UN: Myanmar generals had “genocidal intent” against Rohingya, must face justice

The UN panel, led by former Indonesian AG Marzuki Darusman, named the Myanmar army's commander-in-chief, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, and five other generals who should face justice.

Kofi Annan and Africa: from the scars of genocide to diplomatic...

Kofi Annan was 56 and just one year into his term as deputy secretary-general in charge of peacekeeping operations when the deadly machetes rained down on Rwanda's Tutsi and moderate Hutus.

US criticises Serb vote to overturn Srebrenica massacre report

Serb Republic lawmakers' vote to revoke the 2004 report was initiated by the region's nationalist President Milorad Dodik to mobilise voters around the nationalist agenda ahead of October elections.

Japan’s Honda to coach Cambodian national team

Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) Sao Sokha said the former AC Milan player won't receive a salary but that the federation would pay for his travel and accommodation.