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Tag: George Town

RM20 million to refurbish Penang Museum

The building will be closed for two years, and the museum will move temporarily to the second museum on Macalister Road in July.

Datuk Seri dan 11 invididu didakwa merusuh di pusat hiburan

Timbalan Pendakwa Raya tidak menawarkan sebarang jaminan kerana semua tertuduh didakwa mengikut Seksyen 147 Kanun Keseksaan (tidak boleh diikat jamin).

Ring stuck on man’s private part for 12 hours

Victim put ring on at 8pm last night before having sex with his wife.

Penang Chettiars reveal Thaipusam accounts, donations

Trustees of original Silver Chariot procession not against golden chariot, but say they fear plying same route in George Town could be 'chaotic and disruptive'.

The tides of March to bring 5 cruise ships to Penang

Chingay, lion dance and a whole fiesta on the pier to welcome 17,000 arrivals.

‘Face it, forcing exporters to change earnings to ringgit got us...

Lim Guan Eng calls for a rethink on the Bank Negara ruling hurting exporters.

A river of nothing

Each time floods hit bad, money is promised to build bridges and dams, and then what happens, asks Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Penang goes ahead with foreign worker dorms

Its government firms up places to house them, despite objections from some residents.

Hello beautiful — Penang’s 127-year-old Chowrasta market

One of the oldest markets in Malaysia just got prettier with more room for business.

No conflict of interest in transport project, says Penang

State Exco also denies refusing to work with NGOs saying many meetings and workshops were held with civil society on the Penang Transport Master Plan.

Chow clears air on heritage property ownership issue

There is no inconsistency in numbers of heritage units sold to foreigners, says Penang's local government exco Chow Kon Yeow.

Reveal ‘real’ number of foreign-owned properties in Penang

Gerakan Youth claims contradictory replies were furnished in the state assembly.

Kes tembak di George Town: Pengawal peribadi didakwa 9 pertuduhan

Meskipun tertuduh, Ja'afar Halid mengaku bersalah bagi pertuduhan tertentu, mahkamah memerintahkan dia dirujuk ke Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, Perak untuk pemeriksaan kesihatan mental.

Gerakan launches FB page to promote Penang kopitiams

State opposition party aspires to fill void left by Penang government and promote island's unique heritage of traditional Chinese coffee shops.

Gerakan: Penang not serious about protecting heritage

Six pre-war shophouses in George Town remain in shambles despite a promise to repair them last year, says Gerakan Youth.

Cops to close Penang highway for 6 hours on Wednesday

Motorists advised to skip Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway and use Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah instead.

George Town: Malaysia’s first local democracy

In the early 1960s, George Town was fully autonomous financially and was the richest local authority, with annual revenue almost double that of the state of Penang.

Girl in Penang mural stunned at how ‘big’ she is

Dr Caryn Koh, in recently completed larger-than-life mural at Magazine Road, George Town says she never knew she would be immortalised five-storeys high.

Penang not promoting Muslim tourist spots, claims Jahara

No recognition given to Muslim tourist places in guidebooks or maps, claims Teluk Ayer Tawar assemblyperson Jahara Hamid in Penang assembly.

‘Strict laws forcing Penangites to give up heritage properties’

Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce denies that greed is the main reason many properties in the George Town heritage site are being offered for sale.

Put RM200m minimum on heritage properties for foreigners

DAP's Teh Lai Heng suggests increasing current RM2 million imposed on foreigners buying shophouses, as they evict traditional trades and quadruple rent in George Town.

Penang rep’s defamation suit struck out

Court rules that newspaper had merely reported story based on court documents and this is not defamatory to Batu Uban Assemblyman Dr T Jayabalan.

Rules are rules, Nazri tells Penang guesthouse operators

Federal minister supportive of homestays in prewar shophouses in Penang, but says they have no choice but to follow local authority rules.

Reveal number of heritage properties sold, Gerakan tells Penang

State Gerakan Youth leader wants state government to come clean on sale of heritage properties after NGO claims more than 200 were bought by Singaporeans recently.