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Tag: George Town

Penang to study why traditional trades being displaced

Penang Government says it will study need for rent control and accept feedback from tenants and owners of properties used for traditional trades.

Police hunting Uber driver who robbed passenger

Victim was robbed of RM1,150, a necklace and a handphone.

Letter to Unesco not a complaint, says Penang Forum’s Dr Lim

Open Letter from Dr Lim Mah Hui to Dr Ang Ming Chee to counter accusations of treason over letter sent by Penang Forum to Unesco on George Town World Heritage site.

We can take care of Sia Boey ourselves, says Penang Govt

Penang Government continues to slam Penang Forum for going behind its back and complaining to Unesco about proposed transport hub near heritage zone.

Sia Boey to be given federal protection, says dept

An interim protection order will be issued to the Sia Boey site to prevent any development on the site, following archaeological finds that have significant value to George Town, says the National Heritage Department.

Lay off, Penang Forum tells detractors over vicious attacks

"If we did not write in to Unesco, George Town would have lost heritage status," says Penang Forum over "vicious rhetoric" against the grouping of NGOs of late.

PKR: Childish of state govt to go after Penang Forum

PKR leader Ng Chek Siang says Penang Forum and its steering committee should not be labelled as 'backstabbers' for writing to Unesco as a preventive measure to save the heritage site from destruction.

Heritage agency cries treason over letter to Unesco

Penang Forum's Dr Lim Mah Hui "holding hostage" Penangites by putting George Town World Heritage Site at risk, says George Town World Heritage Incorporated.

‘George Town a ghost town if rent control takes off’

Penang Government's proposed rent control would only stop owners from renting out their properties, says newly-formed George Town Heritage Property Owners' Group spokesman.

Unesco alert was to save George Town’s heritage

It is the proposed projects of building Light Rail Transit and monorail bordering the heritage zone that may cause George Town (and therefore Malacca) to lose their heritage status, NOT the alert to Unesco.

DAP man attacks Penang Forum, Lim for Unesco letter

City councillor questions motives of Penang Forum and attacks academic credibility of fellow councillor Lim Mah Hui.

George Town to lose heritage site status?

A complaint letter by NGO Penang Forum to Unesco may lead to delisting of George Town's World Heritage Site status, says heritage agency.

Activist: Penang has no vision for George Town

Khoo Salma says proposal for rent control is too vague about protecting city life while Mark Lay says to take the best from cities such as Berlin

Protecting heritage: George Town Special Area Plan to be gazetted Aug...

5,000 buildings will be governed by stringent development rules to protect heritage site, says Penang Government.

Rent control regulations right step, says heritage group

Rent control will protect traditional trades in Penang's capital city from going extinct, says George Town Heritage Action group.

Vintage bicycle stolen from Snake Temple sold online

Man returns postman bicycle to temple in George Town after buying it on Facebook page showcasing collectibles and vintage goods.

Thanks for the food, but cash much appreciated – homeless

"We are grateful for the food, but with some cash, at least I can prepare something better for my sons for Hari Raya."

Chef jailed for abusing five-year-old

Father hit child for not doing household chores, counsel for accused tells court.

Penang to convert old godowns into creative hub

Guan Eng announces development of Penang Creative Animation Triggers, offering traditional craftsmen and animation studios space to create.

Man chains son to handrail for ‘being naughty’

Eight-year-old also stripped naked, forced to relieve himself at stairway of flats.

“Saya tidak pernah tengok Lim Guan Eng setakut ini.” – Ramesh...

Guan Eng dilihat seperti hilang punca dan kelam-kabut dalam menangani pendedahan berkenaan yang disertakan dengan bukti dan dokumen.

Vehicles beat pedestrians in Penang shopping street

City council to spend RM240,000 to widen road, provide more parking, loading bays, and a cycle lane.

Archived: Anti-smoking ops begin in George Town heritage zone

Six-month grace period for education and warnings before health teams begin cracking down.

Activist: Penang govt not protecting heritage

'Lack of clear guidelines on George Town heritage even after seven years in power'