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New Bar chief says better for AG to explain decision to...

But Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor says the attorney-general is not obliged to do so.

Let top judges serve a little longer, says Bar president

Outgoing president George Varughese says only then will they be able to make changes and put in place the reform agenda.

May 9 polls outcome changed Malaysian Bar’s destiny, says outgoing president

George Varughese recalls the cold relationship with the judiciary and the Attorney-General's Chambers due to events that unfolded earlier but which changed for the better when a new government was installed.

Periksa ‘common law’ mengenai tuntutan Orang Asli di Perak, gesa Badan...

Badan Peguam berkata mahkamah mengiktiraf hak-hak Orang Asli ke atas tanah yang diduduki, didiami dan digunakan secara berterusan selama turun-temurun.

Bar says it again: Set up RCI over judges’ misconduct

The need for an inquiry is greater than ever in light of the allegations by senior judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer, says Bar Council president George Varughese.

Social events don’t compromise judiciary, says Bar after dancing uproar

The Malaysian Bar says social gatherings have been commonplace occasions for years now among those involved in the administration of justice.

Bar submits proposed amendments for legal practice to AG

Bar president George Varughese says the proposals are geared towards self-regulation of the legal profession in the peninsula.

Malaysian Bar dismayed with govt’s defence of Sosma, Poca

Putrajaya must fulfil its pledge to abolish all oppressive laws, says Bar president George Varughese.

Bar to join Legal Year 2019 proceedings after last year’s snub

Bar president George Varughese says he will be given a slot to deliver a speech this year, unlike last year's ceremony which saw a change in format.

Bar: Let Parliament propose Suhakam members

its president George Varughese says the status of the Human Rights Commission will be elevated if members' appointments are sanctioned by the legislature instead of the prime minister.

Citizens have a right to assemble, says Bar on anti-ICERD rally

However, Bar president George Varughese says they will not be sending lawyers to act as independent observers as they received no invitation from the organisers.

Bar: Don’t use repressive laws against temple fracas suspects

Saying these laws have been abused in the past and the potential for misuse remains, its president George Varughese calls on the government to respect its own election pledge.

Bar to play major role in regulating legal profession, says president

George Varughese says it is proposing to take charge of running the entry examination to ensure only qualified persons are accepted.

Waive immunity granted to former AIAC director, Putrajaya urged

The Malaysian Bar says this will give all implicated persons an opportunity to clear their names.

Bar welcomes decision to replace CLP with Common Bar Course

George Varughese says the replacement course must not be primarily focused on exams.

Think of reforms that don’t need constitutional amendments, Bar tells govt

The government is urged to prioritise judicial and institutional reforms without the need for two-thirds majority.

Right move to abolish death penalty, says Bar

Its president George Varughese says the pardons boards at federal and state levels must ensure 1,250 inmates on death row are also spared capital punishment.

Bar: Putrajaya must focus on setting up police oversight body soon

Its president, George Varughese, says it is heartening that police no longer oppose the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission.

Bar: Non-ruling on top judges a missed opportunity for court

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese disputes court decision that the matter is now academic, saying the legality of the judges' appointments has not been affected by time or circumstances.

Bar is against whipping of offenders under shariah and civil laws

Caning is a cruel and degrading form of punishment that strips an individual of dignity and self-respect, says George Varughese.

Bar: Wrong to say lawyers who didn’t rap previous govt cannot...

Malaysian Bar challenges statement by lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdullah that lawyers do not have the “moral right” to be appointed Federal Court judges because many remained silent during the Najib Razak reign.

Bar wants RCI into ‘reprimand’ of senior judge in Indira case

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese says any attempt by a top judge to curtail other judges’ ability to perform their duties is a serious instance of judicial misconduct.

Bar: We’re already working on revamping Legal Profession Act

Its president George Varughese welcomes call by AG Tommy Thomas to 'quickly' draft a new bill to replace the act.

Stand-alone law ministry, commission will help push reforms, says Bar

It says a full-fledged law ministry will function autonomously and be dedicated to the development of the legal sector.