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Tag: gerrymandering

US Supreme Court ruling backs Republican congressional maps in North Carolina

The Supreme Court put on hold the lower court's order that a new map be drawn, leaving the Republican-drawn districts in place for congressional elections in November, giving a boost to Republicans in their bid to maintain control of the House.

Supreme Court declines to curb electoral map manipulation

Critics of gerrymandering have said it has become ever more extreme through the use of precise voter data and computerized modeling to devise electoral maps.

Bersih says EC has failed voters even before polling day

The electoral reform group has urged Malaysians to turn up to vote in huge numbers to overcome alleged fraud and manipulation.

Court allows 7 Melaka voters to challenge redelineation

The High Court rules there is prima facie evidence showing malapportionment which contravenes the Federal Constitution.

Manivannan: Race politics won’t affect Malay-majority Kapar

Despite the huge Malay majority in Kapar following the redrawing of electoral boundaries, PKR's G Manivannan says people will vote based on the country's situation, not race.

Redelineation: Selangor to go to apex court despite impending GE14

State government tells lawyers to file application to obtain leave to challenge the Election Commission in the Federal Court, but the legal battle could be scuttled if BN recaptures Selangor.

Remember: Mahathir was accused of gerrymandering, too

Is Dr Mahathir Mohamad a changed man or is he a man pretending to change in order to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak?

Bersih: Court decision on Segamat army voters a blow to democracy

The NGO says the court should have considered all factors and given priority to the Federal Constitution as the decision opens the gates to electoral fraud.

DAP: Govt may table EC proposal that will help it win...

DAP wants voters in Selangor to protest the possible move to adopt an ‘unconstitutional’ proposal which will favour BN in the election.

Selangor govt once again fails in challenge against EC

Federal Court throws out Selangor’s leave to appeal application to determine the status of a stay order on the grounds that the state's pending appeal has no likely chance of success.

Selangor govt seeks order to stop EC presenting report to PM

The PKR-led state government's appeal will be made academic if the report is handed to Najib Razak to be tabled in Dewan Rakyat, says lawyer Lim Wei Jeit.

Pennsylvania Republicans ask US top court to block new congressional map

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has five Democratic justices and two Republicans and voted along strict party lines to throw out the old map.

EC wins appeal to disallow inquiry into registration of army voters

High Court's decision to allow the complaint of 48 Segamat voters to be heard is wrong as the application for judicial leave was filed prematurely, says Court of Appeal.

US Supreme Court allows revamp of Pennsylvania electoral map

The decision is a victory for Democrats because the map had been designed by Republicans.

Redelineation may be a blessing for Johor opposition, says DAP man

Liew Chin Tong says redelineation is a double-edged sword which may backfire on BN if it is not careful.

Report: 3 reasons why BN will retain power in GE14

Financial Times Confidential Research says the shifting of electoral boundaries, PAS’s insistence on contesting most seats and a weak opposition in Sabah and Sarawak will ensure BN wins GE14.

EC denies moving voters, seeks to strike out Anwar’s claim

The Election Commission did not conduct any redelineation exercise in the second quarter of last year as alleged by Anwar and another voter, says EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah.

Supreme Court blocks redrawing of North Carolina congressional maps

The Supreme Court ruled that Republicans of North Carolina partook in gerrymandering.

EC appeals court decision allowing challenge by 48 Segamat voters

Lawyer for the 48 voters says the EC is challenging the decision of the High Court which allowed them to pursue a judicial review against the inclusion of 949 army voters and spouses on the Segamat electoral roll.

Analyst: EC redelineation is a gamble, no guarantee who will win

Gerrymandering, through redelineations, makes the gamble bigger as it depends on whether voters change their minds, or the voter turnout is higher or lower than expected, says Wong Chin Huat.

MP: You’re wrong EC chairman, court decision is actually a big...

Padang Serai MP N Surendran says the KL High Court’s ruling on Selangor’s challenge to the Election Commission’s redelineation exercise does not prove that the EC has been vindicated but that the EC has failed in ensuring transparency.

Court throws out Selangor’s challenge against EC

However, Justice Azizul Azmi Adnan allows an interim stay by the state to prohibit the EC from conducting any local inquiry pending the outcome of its appeal.

GE14 to be held between February and April, predicts The Economist

It says Najib Razak will want to ride on the salutary effects of Budget 2018, avoid the period when it floods, and hold the general election before Anwar Ibrahim is released from prison.

Ex-EC chairman disputes claim Selangor voters’ data destroyed

In an affidavit filed for the Selangor government, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman says he should know as he was EC secretary and later chairman during the period in which the present EC claims the data were destroyed.