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Tag: get-rich-quick

Vincent Tan denies investing RM1 billion in stocks trading platform

The tycoon says this isn't the first time his name has been used without his knowledge to lend credibility to online investment schemes and scams.

A quick guide to what you can invest in with RM1,000

Before you invest, pick your risk profile – do you want to play it safe but get low returns, or play it risky and get high returns?

Get-rich-quick schemes are con jobs, period

Writer criticises those willing to lose their small investment, asking if they can afford losing this money, why then complain about high inflation.

Police say 400,000 fell for JJPTR investment scheme

They say 300,000 of these were locals while the rest were foreigners.

Hamzah: Ministry never issues licence for forex, investment schemes

'Money game', get rich quick and forex schemes aren't allowed under the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993, says Hamzah Zainuddin.

SC: Be wary of bond schemes offering 40% returns

Securities Commission warns public of get-rich-quick schemes, especially those linked to foreign bonds which look legitimate.