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Tag: GLCs

Think tank calls for review of GLCs’ aims and performance

IDEAS' director says the government won't reduce the national debt by much through the sale of non-essential properties.

PH choosing to govern by procrastination

Governing a country in the 21st century by appointing advisers, committees or task forces is also costly and will bleed our national coffers even more.

DAP man says MPs, senators should not be in GLCs

RSN Rayer urges government to bar politicians from government-linked companies.

Johor to decide on compensation for Stulang Laut Orang Asli this...

Johor Menteri Besar Sahruddin Jamal says he will make an announcement once the state exco discusses the long-standing issue.

Malaysia Airlines and why the government shouldn’t get involved in business

The government should sell loss-making enterprises instead of entrusting civil servants to turn them around.

Tread carefully on privatisation, backbencher tells govt

Maria Chin Abdullah warns against costly bailouts, similar to those after the 1997 financial crisis.

Spell out role of GLCs, says former EPU chief

Sulaiman Mahbob says what is important is to study the role of GLCs in totality.

Khazanah’s proposed divestment in GLCs won’t hurt Bumi agenda, say analysts

Divestment will help raise funds to reduce national debt and attract foreign fund managers.

National Economic Action Council must review controversial projects

These include the third national car and the privatisation of Khazanah and other GLCs.

GLC reforms need ‘responsible privatisation’ to fight cronyism

The channels for patronage and corruption can be dismantled by placing large numbers of GLC subsidiaries into the private sector.

Govt ditching GLCs could affect the poor, warns PSM

Michael Jeyakumar says some GLCs are well run and can be used to help workers as well as those from the B40 group.

Putrajaya should opt out of GLCs in construction, property, says academic

Universiti Malaya's Terence Gomez says heavy government involvement in the sectors could be abused for patronage politics.

Shafie’s sweeping statement on GLCs unfair and demoralising, says Apas rep

Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan notes that government-linked companies contributed RM130 million in dividends to the Sabah government last year.

Shafie has no issue with MACC probing Sabah GLC

The chief minister says the state wants to focus on the root causes of the problems faced by GLCs before carrying out a restructuring exercise.

GLC posts: Does it matter if they are politicians or non-politicians?

Don’t sideline politicians just because they are politicians and don’t appoint professionals just simply because they are professionals.

Don’t make GLC appointments a political reward, says think tank

Centre for a Better Tomorrow expresses concern over recent appointments of politicians to lead GLCs, saying only qualified professionals should head these firms and agencies.

Unhappy with PH’s GLC appointments, NGOs want task force for reforms

A group of NGOs and think tanks voice concern over the slow progress of reforms in GLCs and criticise Pakatan Harapan for reneging on its promise to not appoint politicians to such companies.

Reveal all state GLCs, not just some, economist tells Penang government

Edmund Terence Gomez says Penang must also reveal why other state GLCs need funding as well.

State GLCs put Penang on top during opposition days, assembly told

Chief minister responds to calls by backbenchers for state GLCs to be cut down or restructured to save money by saying the GLCs helped put Penang where it is today.

PM, Cabinet call the shots, Guan Eng says on Daim’s role...

'Advice is given but not necessarily taken.'

Rafidah : Drop GLCs, go for development-linked companies

The former minister says it’s best to take the politics out of government-linked companies and that people are rejecting politics-centric governance.

‘Govt repeating mistakes of old in handling GLCs’

Economist questions why government following what previous administration did despite saying it wanted to reform GLCs.

Academic: Is Putrajaya really taming the GLC ‘monsters’?

UM's Terence Gomez says no reform committee has been set up to review GLCs.

Khairy fears return of ‘old school’ Khazanah

The Rembau MP says Khazanah today is different from what it was during Dr Mahathir’s earlier stint as PM and that business models of the 1990s will not apply.