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Tag: global warming

Cut emissions or watch cities vanish, warn scientists

The UN climate report projects sea levels rise by one metre by 2100 and can exceed five metres by 2300.

Oceans, climate report approved after all-night Saudi’s standoff

Oil rich kingdom held up decision over wording in Summary for Policy Makers.

Five-year period ending 2019 set to be hottest on record

The UN Secretary-General says the world is 'losing the race' on climate change.

‘Millions’ protest in youth-led global climate strike

More than 300,000 rallied in Australia alone while four million took the world's streets.

We’re losing race on climate catastrophe, warns UN chief

Antonio Guterres to urge world leaders to raise commitments set under Paris agreement.

Indonesia struggles to douse underground fires

Underground fires in Indonesia further aggravates a toxic haze over Southeast Asia, triggering health fears and causing diplomatic tensions.

Brazilian states want military help as Amazon fires rage

Six states requests for military help to combat the Amazon’s forest fires while 44,000 troops are already stationed across the country.

Heatwaves kill coral reefs faster than you think

A new study finds that severe marine heatwaves can actually degrade the skeletal structure of corals, potentially killing the organisms in a matter of days or weeks.

Nordic countries sizzle as European heatwave moves north

The World Meteorological Organization says forecasts indicated that atmospheric flows would transport the heat from Europe to Greenland 'resulting in high temperatures and consequently enhanced melting'.

Study: Greenland ice sheet melting faster than thought

Greenland's ice sheet may completely melt within the next millennium if greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current rate, according to a new study.

Sushi Kitchen KL: Now even vegans can enjoy Japanese cuisine

It's not just the lack of fish at this restaurant that will leave you speechless; these meals aim to help you imbibe better eating habits.

Alaska bakes under heat wave linked to climate change

Local residents say their biggest concern is 'the speed of change and being able to cope'.

Students at UN stage ‘die-in’ to protest climate inaction

Dozens of teenage environmental activists lay down in front of the UN headquarters to draw attention to climate change's consequences.

Receding Chilean glacier a sign of accelerating climate change

Scientists say the unusually warm summer temperatures and high rainfall weakened the glacier's walls.

Little time for farmers to deal with rainfall changes from global...

Climatologist Maisa Rojas says time is running short for countries to prepare their agricultural sectors for the drastic effects of climate change.

Don’t let our children try to save the planet alone

Unless we make serious lifestyle changes today, there may not be a tomorrow for our children.

Can Qatar’s low-carbon city show a greener Middle East future?

Qataris can now stay cool and comfortable in Msheireb Downtown Doha, a 'green' district that aims to be a sustainable city.

At oil industry’s big summit, uncomfortable truths creep in

As protestors glue their hands to the conference venue doors, the oil industry discusses how to correct its current course.

Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’, say scientists

Scientists say that humanity cannot afford to ignore evidence as satellite records prove man-made climate change.

World’s oceans are heating up at quickening pace

The findings debunk previous reports that suggested a so-called pause in global warming in recent years.

Study says world’s oceans are heating up at a quickening pace

The findings in the US journal Science, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, debunk previous reports that suggested a so-called pause in global warming in recent years.

Nations agree milestone rulebook for Paris climate treaty

Delegates from nearly 200 states finalised a common rule book designed to deliver the Paris goals of limiting global temperature rises to well below two degrees Celsius.

Grim tidings from science on climate change

Scientists monitoring the Earth's climate and environment have delivered a cascade of grim news this year.

Alarm sounded, nations urged to act at UN climate talks

Nations must agree to a rulebook palatable to all 183 states who have ratified the Paris deal.