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Tag: globalisation

Power and interdependence in the Trump era

The relationship of power and interdependence changes over time, and too much manipulation of America’s privileged position in global interdependence could prove self-defeating.

Does the Belt Road Initiative lead to a just and equitable...

Apart from economic and cultural benefits, the initiative is the best hope we have for evolving a planet that is not dominated by a few.

Globalisation needs fixing, says Dr M

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says there must be a more level playing field on trade between rich nations and the developing world.

Putin says Crimean school shooting result of ‘globalisation’

An 18-year-old identified as Vladislav Roslyakov on Wednesday killed at least 20 students at a college in the Moscow-annexed peninsula before killing himself.

How to improve your resume outside of school

Getting a part-time job while studying as well as volunteering in charities or joining student societies show potential employers just how well-rounded you are.

Salleh: New politics must embrace spirit of the constitution

The communications and multimedia minister says that by accepting new politics, it will enable the nation to compete in the changed world.

Najib: Globalisation the way forward for farmers

Prime Minister Najib Razak wants farmers to increase their wealth by exporting their produce, such as how durians have become popular in China.

Salleh: Good business decisions trump national pride

Once famous UK car brands are now foreign owned and this has helped with better sales performance after years of decline, says Salleh Said Keruak.