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Action taken against errant glove factory, Kula tells US

He says the ministry will explain matters to US embassy officials and meet all rubber glove makers this Friday to explain the repercussions of forced labour in their operations.

MTUC slams ‘overdrive’ by politicians, groups in boycott campaign

The trades union congress says asking consumers to boycott products and services by a certain community is akin to ‘poisoning their minds’.

Focus on issues that directly affect people, Daim tells govt

He says the three issues that needed greater focus are affordable housing, cost of essential goods and reduction of toll rates.

China vows to buy more US goods, sees progress in trade...

China promised to 'substantially' expand purchases of US goods after the latest round of trade talks.

Iran hails oil-for-goods deal with South Korea

Head of the Iran-South Korea chamber of commerce says a mechanism has been devised for returning oil export revenues from South Korea, by which Iran's oil export revenue will be bartered with imported goods.

Israel reopens people, goods crossings to Gaza after lull

The move follows efforts to prevent an escalation in ongoing violence that has raised fears of a new war between Israel and the Palestinian territory's Islamist rulers Hamas.

Counterfeit goods worth RM1.26 mil destroyed in Penang

Among the items disposed of were women's clothing and accessories, CDs, shoes and children’s toys.

China vows to hit back as Trump targets US$200 billion in...

Only last week, Beijing said it welcomed overtures from US officials offering to restart trade talks, but the new tariffs could cause China to call off the negotiations.

Trump readies tariffs on US$200 billion more Chinese goods despite talks,...

The decision comes despite a Treasury invitation earlier this week to senior Chinese officials, including Vice Premier Liu He, for more talks to try to resolve trade differences.

Guan Eng promises to review list of goods under SST

The finance minister says some food items should not be taxed under SST.

US-China trade war hits US$100 billion in goods

China has responded dollar-for-dollar on hundreds of US goods, putting the total value of affected goods at US$100 billion, one-seventh of the total annual US-China trade.

Visitors to Langkawi can now buy up to RM1,000 tax-free

However, Dr Mahathir says this does not include liquor or cigarettes, which are injurious to health.

China threatens new tariffs on US$60 bn worth of US goods

The Chinese reaction is sure to ratchet up tensions with the Trump administration at the end of a week that saw stock markets rattled by the intensifying trade battle.

Trump administration adds to China trade pressure with higher tariff plan

Trump is said to have directed the increase from a previously proposed 10% duty because China has refused to meet US demands and has imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods.

Who benefits from the zero-rated GST?

Prices should come down at every stage after the GST was zero-rated, but in some cases, they have gone up instead.

Don: Lower SST burden only if prices stay down

Economist says prices were supposed to come down with GST but traders had taken advantage of the people by not passing on savings.

Now, PH forced to accept reality on GST, says Najib

The former prime minister says PH exploited the GST issue before the May 9 polls but has now acknowledged that the tax was not the main reason for the increase in prices.

Trump threatens to hit China with new tariffs on $200 billion(RM799...

In a statement, Trump said he had asked the US trade representative to identify the Chinese products to be subject to the new tariffs.

Guan Eng denies Najib’s claim on China’s US$2 trillion imports

The finance minister says there is no document to support the former prime minister's statement.

Price of goods will remain the same for the time being,...

While de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim applauds the Cabinet’s move to zero-rate the goods and services tax (GST), he does not see prices of goods reducing anytime soon.

Business body says China investments review good for Malaysia

The Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce says Malaysian interests must be protected and believes prices of some goods will come down once the sales and services tax is implemented.

China agrees to import more from US, no sign of $200...

China has agreed to increase the amount of goods and services purchased from the US but made no mentioned to the 200 billion dollars the US announced.

GST effectively scrapped with 0% rate from June

This covers all local and imported products.

Trolleys bring relief for Moroccan ‘mule women’

For years, thousands of such porters have crossed the border every day into Ceuta, a Spanish enclave perched on the northernmost tip of Morocco.